Secrecy reigns at State Capitol

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: July 18, 2011 - 11:10 PM

As a deal to end the shutdown is finalized, public-access advocates are citing state open-meeting laws.

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bluedevil101Jul. 18, 11 9:59 PM

Maybe these advocacy groups could sue the Legislature and delay implementation of these bad deals. Normally, I'm against left wing court interventions-but in this case I'm with them if they decide to sue. Bring this process to a halt.

mngoldJul. 18, 11 9:59 PM

All along the legislative leaders haven't considered the desires of the public, why should they at this time? I guess we the voters we'll have to wait until election time to tell them what we think of their "kick the can down the road" budget.

fwallenJul. 18, 1110:04 PM

Give us a break. Open meeting? Let's get a deal done and forget about open meetings for hard core negotiations. Just geter dun

mcjoe1Jul. 18, 1110:10 PM

"Amy Koch wants you out of the room." Wow.. I guess the easiest way to cut the health and human services budget is to get the knowledgeable people out of the room. Then you can hijack the discussion with your revisionist propaganda and cut away. The remaining freshman GOP noobs in the room wouldn't know if they were cutting their own benefits or child support.

laker4115Jul. 18, 1110:13 PM

Keep it closed, we are doing great without those 22,000 bureaucrats.

mankato58Jul. 18, 1110:16 PM

Gov. Dayton is just following Pres. BHO's memo on transparency. I would like to see a reporter do some research on the number of meetings and deals done behind closed doors or the amount of legislation put together in pieces, combined and then rushed for a vote. It seems to be the name of the game at both state and federal levels in recently.

zekefaxJul. 18, 1110:35 PM

All we need to do is to get them to sign a pledge to open the meetings or taxes will automatically raise! This pledge alone will get the budget settled in record time since they'll probably even hold their water so as to not risk raising taxes!

bobajoulJul. 18, 1110:37 PM

So much for transparency, and accoubtability

exflmJul. 18, 1110:40 PM

John marty says he will introduce a bill about open meeting rules- what part of this mess don't you loosers get. get the budget done then go home, no bulls#$t bills during this special session. These people are unbeilevable, lets bog down the prossese with junk NOBODY cares about right now-this elected body needs to go home and SHAME themselfs

raymondb62Jul. 18, 1110:40 PM

Traditionally much of the work of Government is done behind closed doors because it would be difficult to take any compromise positions in the full glare of media light. Personally, I could care less that lobbyists like Pat Anderson can't get access. They shouldn't be in the Capital in the first place. As for the press, I don't think unfettered access is in the best interests of the people. Just as when you go to a restaurant, sometimes its best not to see what goes on in the kitchen!


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