La Velle Neal III: My take on Selig's take

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  • Updated: July 17, 2011 - 10:01 AM

Commissioner Bud Selig touched on many hot topics during his state-of-the-game news conference last week.

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bluedevil101Jul. 17, 11 3:21 PM

I hope that the 15-15 plan goes. Two leagues, no divisions, balanced schedule. Top four teams make playoffs. You've got to be fair to all the teams.

bobo72Jul. 17, 11 4:28 PM

Why not just go back to the two division alignment? Makes the most sense. East: Yankees, Boston, Toronto, Tampa, Baltimore, Detroit, and Cleveland. West: Twins, White Sox, Royals, LA, Oakland, Seattle, and Texas. At least that's a bit more "fair" than the current alignment and yet it's not some all-out Yankee-oriented sell out. Two divisions will re-implement much "fairness." And forget having 15 teams in the AL. That's idiotic. Are two teams in each league going to have three days off every week? Or, are you planning on playing an entire summer of Inter-League? Two divisions solves much of the issue.

stuckincheesJul. 17, 11 5:02 PM

Anyone that risks their life for a $15 ball. Well come on, I don't want to see nets all over the stadiums. Where is the fan's responsibility to use their head regardless of the height of the railings?

bluedevil101Jul. 17, 11 5:23 PM

Until 1969 it was a 10 team AL and a 10 team NL. One division, one pennant winner. I'd like to have a bit of a true pennant race again.

StrohkirchJul. 17, 11 9:35 PM

Since I am not a purist, I say get rid of the pitcher hitting in the NL and institute the DL throughout both leagues. That way you don't have AL teams losing the DL in interleague play in September. I don't care which team they bring over, Arizona or Houston.

rodscribnerJul. 18, 1110:44 AM

I'm still confused why LEN3 thinks that realigning the leagues to 15-teams each would result in more and/or later interleague play.

FibrillatorDJul. 18, 1111:42 AM

Selig's answer to realignment suggests it doesn't really have legs. If it goes through, I think Milwaukee (back) to the AL Central and KC to the AL West makes the most sense. the NL Central gets screwed every year with 6 teams, and if MLB wants to push rivalries, Milwaukee is a natural rival to both Chicago, MN, and Detroit.

buntingtwinsJul. 18, 11 2:16 PM

Still has that 1960's Beatles "do".

mafujonJul. 18, 11 8:50 PM

"Since I am not a purist, I say get rid of the pitcher hitting in the NL and institute the DL throughout both leagues. That way you don't have AL teams losing the DL in interleague play in September." I'm pretty sure the DL is in both leagues. Hate to see what the game would be like if it was lost in september. I think you were going for DH. But with how often we hear DL as Twins fans I can see how that typo happened.

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