Lori Sturdevant: How can we swallow this bitter pill?

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 16, 2011 - 9:50 PM

It's time for the 'redesigners' to start thinking hard about the future.

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kleindropperJul. 16, 1110:03 PM

The poor, poor state government is just going to have to learn to scrape by on $34,000,000,000 this bienium. Maybe we could make that whole "licensing" process a little more efficient since it was about the only thing that affected people when the government shut down.

grannyforwarJul. 16, 1110:28 PM

"Dayton wasn't fussy anymore." Well he still is a lightweight! Good golly!

leg620Jul. 16, 1110:37 PM

" Cutting off aid to Minneapolis and St. Paul would have eroded their livability." ---------------------------- Aw, gee. Why is it impossible for them to pay for their own livability?

ginny6Jul. 16, 1110:47 PM

"Last week, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch's pronouncements included encouraging references to reform." ===== I hardly believe this. She is of the party that hates government, wants to destroy government or make it dysfunctional. They cannot be trusted to run government.

lawyerguyJul. 16, 1111:08 PM

How can she label initial GOP reforms misguided? Cutting off LGA and reducing the state workforce by 15% (over 5 years no less!) seem pretty sensible. Actually, why should large urban cities with giant property tax bases receive any LGA? I thought it was to pay for "essential services". Cities like Minneapolis that can buy designer drinking fountains seem to be able to fund essential services. And, while we are at it, I don't think sticking to a $34 billion budget would have been draconian. Let's face it, the thing about the shutdown that most impacted people in this state was the loss of fine Miller beer products. By the way, that occurred because our dedicated government employees somehow couldn't manage to promptly process Miller's renewal which arrived only three days before the shutdown.

wcentralJul. 16, 1111:20 PM

Nice thoughts, Governor Carlson has been outspoken on the need to have a commitment above all to the State of Minnesota, it's citizens, and it's government. An oath to Grover Norquist, an oath to the MCCL, and oath to Tony Sutton, an oath to the Koch Brothers, are all oaths that render any oath to the citizens of Minnesota moot. An oath to Norquist, should be considered grounds for loss of political office, because it supersedes any oath/commitment to the State as a whole. Then we might get that bipartisan re-design of our State that we desperately need. Maybe it's time to go back to the Carlson/Mondale plan. They, like Governor Dayton obviously have made their oath to Minnesota citizens their #1 goal.

mutt10RJul. 16, 1111:29 PM

The Norquist cult thinks borrow and spend is a viable way to hew to the ludicrous pledge. 2012 will be a bellwether - if voters fall for this GOP nonsense again, America will collapse.

grannyforwarJul. 17, 11 1:31 AM

"And not even raising cigarette or alcohol taxes -- and certainly not asking wealthy Minnesotans for a penny more -- was acceptable to Republicans." More sob stories from the libs. I feel like I am looking at a poor, starving dog, staring at me w/ those sad eyes, begging for one more treat, although the dog is not starving, and in fact has been spoiled rotten for years like the state of MN and it's irresponsible spending. I'm not going to fall for the guilt trip you libs are trying to throw our way. Tighten your belts and grow up!!

grannyforwarJul. 17, 11 1:35 AM

"She is of the party that hates government, wants to destroy government or make it dysfunctional." Who said that? Name one person who said they wanted to destroy gov/t or make it dysfunctional. Stop posting garbage!

RF6700Jul. 17, 11 4:22 AM

It's a spending problem which won't be solved by democrat tax hikes.


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