Time for Young and Plouffe to step up

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 15, 2011 - 11:26 AM

Delmon Young and Trevor Plouffe could turn this season into a buddy movie, but if this is their window of opportunity, they'll need to move quickly.

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BurntsideJul. 14, 1111:42 PM

Young seems to be developing a little patience at bat this year. I hope that trend continues. I don't see him ever being acceptable as an outfielder but maybe with improved attentiveness on the bases, he can be valuable as a DH for someone.

sjhuotJul. 14, 1111:51 PM

Okay, Jim, given Young and Plouffe's performance tonight, please talk about a couple more Twins!

bernielomaxJul. 15, 11 1:20 AM

No need to call out Plouffe, how about our big payroll beneficiaries step up? Mauer, Morneau Nathan, Cuddyer, Pavano, etc.

ryannolanJul. 15, 11 7:27 AM

The only place on a ball field in which the player positions himself in foul territory is catcher. When I see Delmon Old (because he certainly doesn't play Young out there) in left field I wish that foul-territory position was left instead of catcher.

slj3333Jul. 15, 11 7:57 AM

Let's hope this signals the unleashing of the offense we thought we'd have when the season started. With the other players almost ready to come back (Span and Kubes), Thome's spot on the 25 man is starting to look the most precarious. I know you can't cut a class act like him, and unless he can show he's healthy, it's hard to trade him right?

greebsJul. 15, 11 8:23 AM

young with the right attitude could become a david ortiz like player as dh for this organization. probably not a many homers but lots of doubles potentially. write it in his contract with large incentives to keep his weight down. and in regards to the headline of this story, there are many players on this team that need to step it up.

jocksterJul. 15, 11 8:28 AM

ryannolan--SAY WHAT???

fdog62Jul. 15, 11 9:01 AM

There's some irony in this article on Young and Plouffe. I think instead of being a roving utility guy, there is a case to convert Plouffe to an every day left fielder. He has a long way to go but appears to project as a good major league hitter. He's athletic enough to learn left field and would easily be better than Delmon over time. My guess Delmon starts getting injured more, gets heavier, less agile in the field (if that's possible). Some guys peak early, some later. That point of time in the continuum of these two players might be starting to happen. Plouffe could be a better overall player than Delmon in the years to come. Delmon can swing a bat but can be erratic and I think the body shape will keep him on the DL too often in the coming years. He also has no right being in the field. Ever. Trade Delmon for whatever relief help you can get now. We have potential replacements in the outfield that represent no worse an option than Delmon.

william32907Jul. 15, 11 9:15 AM

Well, when Span and Kubes are ready, the easy ones to send down are Tolbert (we already have Nishi and Casilla) and Revere. I know Revere has played well, and actually has been the impetus for our revival, but you can't have Revere and Span (the same player, essentially) taking up two outfield spots. Plus, I'm not sure about his future in the big leagues. He has virtually no arm strength. That's scary. I could go first to third on him on a hit to CF, and I'm old and slow. I like Plouffe's bat. He has to stay. Maybe Hughes goes down. We'll see.

floridascottJul. 15, 11 9:34 AM

If there is one thing that I can count on these days its Mr. Souhan writing another completely obvious and uninteresting column. Wow, breaking new, Delmon need to step his game up. He should have just reported that grass is still currently green.


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