Relieved, but not celebrating

  • Article by: MARY LYNN SMITH and PAT PHEIFER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: July 15, 2011 - 5:35 AM

Return to normalcy is welcomed, but few Minnesotans seem ready to forgive and forget the shutdown.

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morenews0013Jul. 14, 1110:52 PM

This had to be done. The Republicans didn't care how long it lasted. Even the simplest person understands shifting money didn't solve anything, other than to protect some fat cats' pocketbooks. But knowing there wasn't a solution and that this will happen again, our state needs to take a good hard look at how some real cuts can be made during this next year. We all see some waste in our government (and not necessarily the entitlement programs that Strib posters like to whine about.) Departments across the board in MN need to trim down at every level ahead of time, not at the deadline, so that next time around we don't do this again.

irvine93Jul. 14, 1111:20 PM

Um... about the Vikings who threaten to move to LA? A story in the Wall St. Journal reports that LA "have put the brakes on a plan to build a National Football League stadium in the city amid concerns over taxpayer dollars."

telmanmnJul. 15, 11 1:07 AM

It is wrong and let your representatives know it.

bhdanielsJul. 15, 11 1:36 AM

All this deal does is shift the burden -- to the state's public schools and to some nebulous time in the "future." We still need to confront the need to raise revenue. Borrowing is not the way to do this, as anyone who has ever managed a household budget will tell you; it's just a stopgap. The real solution is to vote those Republican scallawags out of office. The nerve of them, to play politics with our children's education and with the well-being of our entire state. I'm still incensed. This isn't over until we have a sustainable plan for the future. Governor Dayton has bought some time. When we vote out the so-called Tea Party, we can bring in some sensible legislators who know how to get things done. For now, I'm glad everyone is going to get to go back to work. What a sad, sad waste of taxpayers' money this shutdown has been.

telmanmnJul. 15, 11 3:11 AM

No, No, No No, No No to perpetuity! Any democrat who votes for this will be out of work, if you could call it that. Do not listen to Dayton, vote NO, as this will put the onus on the repubs. Maybe even their suporters-I use that loosely-will finally figure out they only support the rich 2%, not them.

dlhoff16Jul. 15, 11 4:57 AM

Governor Dayton tried his best to get the legislators to do their job, but in the end all they did was to continue the borrow and spend policies which put us in this mess to begin with. This isn't a victory for anyone.

toolman28Jul. 15, 11 5:01 AM

Nothing was solved except a bunch of republicans can now go nack to master Norquist and report they did not fail him - Borrowing money from education and tobaccoo funds is just kicking the can down the road - way to acomplish NOTHING

moadminJul. 15, 11 5:43 AM

OK so now that we spared a small minority of Rich people a tax increase I want to know, WHERE ARE THE JOBS? Come on "Job Creators" you got your way, you better produce!

DSavardJul. 15, 11 6:14 AM

Although I don't support it, I am glad the Republicans decided a gay marriage amendment is necessary as part of the next election ballot. It will serve as a reminder how poorly they represented the people during this session!

jburchettJul. 15, 11 7:06 AM

First person ousted shoukld be Dayton.Like when in Senate he shut down office for no apparent reason.Then GOP leadership should get boot for caving to the media whining.Dayton doing a lot of talking.Come on GOP put out there how many unnecessary Government employee's there are.How many wasteful programs etc.The best thing would be a truthful libne for line layout of where all state tax dollars go.It would madden even a liberal.


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