Money flows again for some child care

  • Article by: Warren Wolfe and Rachel E. Stassen-Berger , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 14, 2011 - 1:05 AM
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dmulville72Jul. 14, 1112:22 AM

note to ALL of our "leaders": Fix this. When is this tantrum throwing going to stop? You are destroying the livelyhoods off 1000's of people and private businesses. Like most people I lean towards one side, but I will not be voting for any of these people come re-election time. The childcare official was right, you all need a timeout.

mcjoe1Jul. 14, 11 1:53 AM

It seems like the courts deemed this important enough to be fundable even though this is the type of program the GOP can't wait to destroy. Sadly if you kill these types of programs then you'd probably shove these households onto a more expensive welfare program.

telmanmnJul. 14, 11 1:55 AM

Sounds good when you vote for them but after? I thought you voted for the best person to represent you but when you vote and they become an idealistic idiot to any cause I wonder. If you voted republican did you vote to protect the 2% of the population or the 98%? Do you vote to help the less fortunate or the people taking advantage of the rules? Do you vote to allow the few to rule the many? We need results, not idiotic idealism on either side but I guess the voters go for the charisma and not the substance. We deserve this.

dorkeemnJul. 14, 11 5:31 AM

Telmanmn - I don't know about you, but I voted to limit the size of government and the wasteful spending. I did not vote for tax increases of any kind, no matter how they "hide" it or who it hits. This state has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

luna007Jul. 14, 11 6:02 AM

Why is Dayton running around the state when he should be here talking about the budget I hope all you who voted for him are happy now this is his fault 1000's of people are not working!!1

nomorepaperJul. 14, 11 6:40 AM

This shutdown goes to show the excessive amount of state gov't regulation through the use of permits. Here's one area of the state budget that can be wholly eliminated. No more permits to put a label on anything. No more permits to use Lake Superior (which the last time I checked isn't a state lake). I'm sure there are 100s of licensing bureaus which only exist to employ government bureaucrats. Time to do some cleaning.

jrswanJul. 14, 11 6:59 AM

Before we get lovey dovey about these high quality judges, remember that under different circumstances we could have conservative judges who would just say "no". We are lucky this time.

margtcJul. 14, 11 6:59 AM

Conservatives don't want to "destroy" programs like this. That is beyond ignorant. What we want is to limit these programs so the people who really need help can get it, if all other options are closed. When you fund more and more people who can make it on their own with a little more effort, you ruin the chances of the truly needy to get the help they need.

hopwongJul. 14, 11 7:19 AM

What about the lottery? I am getting tired driving to Wisconsinto buy Powerball, megamillion and hot lotto tickets!!

bormimernJul. 14, 11 7:28 AM

Why are taxes paying for babysitters? What happend to the responsibility of the parents? If you pay someone not to be responsible then they won't be responsible. The cycle of govt assistance addiction starts at a very young age and continues for a lifetime. It is cruel to trap people in this manner.


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