Minn.'s government shutdown means hassles for many; careers and lives put on hold

  • Article by: AMY FORLITI , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 13, 2011 - 3:55 PM
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lostinstpaulJul. 13, 11 4:11 PM

This just proves the state is far too involved in FAR too many aspects of everyday life. Does anyone really feel a state needs to be this involved, with so many things? A buyers card? removing certain brands of BEER from shelves, because a $30 permit/fee expired? Really?

jrspacemanJul. 13, 11 4:21 PM

For those who say the government should shut down because it isn't used by people - This is the result.Licensing is used to ensure that the law is being followed. Liquor licenses limit who can sell alcohol to others, like minors. If you don't have a current license, chances are the city you try to operate out of will be the first to come and shut you down.Licensing for alcohol is no different than having a drivers license. Unless, of course, you want lots of unlicensed and uneducated drivers sharing the road with you.

phatflysJul. 13, 11 4:22 PM

My feelings are that no one or business should be taking such licensing practices so seriously during the shutdown. If you need a license to do something and you can't get it during the shutdown ... then you don't need it. Go on as business as usual without it. If it's that important then it should be considered a core service and the state, regardless of the shutdown, should be handling such licensing. If there is any policing of licenses then the state should be sued for creating a situation that forces it citizens and businesses to practice illegal tactics. It's not these businesses and individuals that are at fault... it's the MN government.

lostinstpaulJul. 13, 11 4:33 PM

It's not these businesses and individuals that are at fault... it's the MN government.""" Agreed 100%!! A buyers card for liquor stores to buy from wholesalers- I understand the need, but once its obtained, why a yearly renewal? WHy not have it "on file with the state"? Making Miller/Coors get a new label thing? I understand that is simply a picture of what the label looks like. Not too many beers changed logos lately, so I dont see the need- And, if those 2 items were never inforced, does anybody really think the world would end? Why does the state need to care what a can of beer looks like? The only reason they want to know about who is buying wholesale liquor, is so they can TAX someone and get $$$- My cabin in is WI- When I get my PHONE BILL from the local phone Co, gues what? MN State Tax is added, Ramsey County tax is added, AND St Paul taxes it. My tax burden on a $7 phone bill is about $5.50...... In a DIFFERFENT state then the service was provided. Explain that!

th3171Jul. 13, 11 4:59 PM

"If you need a license to do something and you can't get it during the shutdown ... then you don't need it"--so our 6 year olds can start driving then? With your logic we'll suddenly have a boat load of people on the sex offender registry putting out a shingle as gynecologists or day care providers. Nice try.

connorstrtJul. 13, 11 6:22 PM

phatflys-so businesses follow your advice then pay fines and penalties; lose their ability to get said licenses thus lose their business?? yeah that's the way to go smart thinking there--NOT!!! lostinstpaul-bu you agreeing with this guy i see you are still living up to part of your name;-LOST!!!

palsarJul. 13, 11 6:42 PM

Dayton, sign the stupid budget already so all these state employees can stop whinning about how rough it been during the 13 days they've been layed off. Never mind the people that have been out of work for over a year. How about some of their hardship stories. But I guess the Star Lib union has to help the state union.

jej4675Jul. 13, 11 7:40 PM

Thank goodness the government is here to make sure we get a good haircut. Money and time well spent!

wildfoxJul. 13, 11 7:49 PM

GOP get back to work!!! Sign the budget deal!

lostinspaceJul. 13, 11 9:33 PM

Unemployed since October. Finally have job offers, but I need a license. Three job offers + Government Shutdown = NO Permit to get license so NO work Let's COMPROMISE and get the government back to work. After that you can all have your talking points and say you won. Then during the next election WE THE PEOPLE can vote on who actually Won the debate. Politicians have all forgot who they are working for, THE PEOPLE!!


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