A negotiation expert's view of the state shutdown

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 12, 2011 - 2:15 PM

What would an expert on negotiation advise the two parties to the political impasse that has produced a state government shutdown?

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martynspeckJul. 12, 11 3:20 PM

This could be a shining opportunity for Minnesota to show that we don't really need to spend all that money. That people are better off making spending decisions for themselves. That everybody is better off when we leave the money in the private economy to build capital and make us all wealthy.

twinsfan2020Jul. 12, 11 3:51 PM

This could be a shining opportunity for Minnesota to show that we care about more than access by the few to unlimited wealth while paying as little in taxes as possible. That, like every other wealthy COUNTRY in the world, our STATE'S first priority is to ensure access to quality health care and education for all citizen's, particularly children and the elderly.

montaguezxJul. 12, 11 5:55 PM

And the first two comments on this topic illustrate why we will have a prolonged shut down and why the US will default on it's debt in August. I am not looking forward to what is going to happen with in one month but maybe it's about time people learned what the consequences are for choosing ideology over sense.

nonewtaxesJul. 12, 11 6:33 PM

99.9% of the population is doing fine with the state shutdown. Dayton will fold or quit.

Mark27Jul. 12, 11 6:38 PM

The "negotiation expert" didn't exactly contribute anything that any Joe Sixpack off the street hadn't already thought of. Here's the bottom line...on election day and in every public opinion poll since, voters indicate they want a mix of tax increases on the rich and spending cuts. Dayton's already conceded to a generous amount of spending cuts. Now it's time for the other half of the voting public's mandate to be attended to. And that doesn't involve a "compromise" racino expansion and it definitely doesn't involve a "compromise" $1.50 per pack cigarette tax increase. It means tax the rich!

jjsbrwJul. 12, 11 7:00 PM

nonewtaxesJul. 12, 11 6:33 PM 99.9% of the population is doing fine with the state shutdown. Dayton will fold or quit. ------------------------- how does your made up number advance any kind of meaningful discussion?

egeinwiJul. 12, 11 7:20 PM

There is absolutely no reason we can't continue spending more than we take in locally and nationally. This is what some people think.

johnsopinionJul. 12, 11 8:01 PM

This guy is an 'expert'? Really? That pretty much explains it all. Here's the solution. Put in a GOP majority in the legislature that can override ANY VETO that dayton puts out. THAT will be a MANDATE. End of story.

elind56Jul. 13, 11 6:37 AM

Compromising with other people's money is what dug the hole so deep. GOP has got to hold their ground this time, both in St. Paul and in Washington.

annie54Jul. 13, 11 7:15 AM

All the compromising that needs to be done has already been done. That is how we got to this point. The governor has a balanced, reasonable budget that fits the times we are in sitting on his desk, while he foolishly wastes the peoples' time campaigning. Time to come back, sign the budget, and try again next biennium. You cannot have your way all the time. Sign the budget.


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