Minnesota government shutdown stirs accusations over who gets paid, who doesn't and why

  • Article by: PATRICK CONDON , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 12, 2011 - 8:52 AM
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imkirokJul. 11, 11 8:53 AM

Come on, GOP. Governor Dayton has met you more than half way. Time for you to compromise and get the job done.

rugnutsJul. 11, 11 4:34 PM

Come on Dayton, you have no basis to demand a tax raise. accept the balanced increase in spending that the state legislators passed months ago!

hobojojoJul. 11, 11 4:54 PM

We need legislation like CA so if these clowns pull this again we can be sure they aren't getting paid. Who deserves pay for not doing their job?

bxlbabyJul. 11, 11 5:17 PM

get serious: as one of the legislators, its YOUR job to get the budget settled. its YOUR fault we are out of work and not getting paid. you arent working, you should not get paid. You are basically thumbing your noses at us little people because you have a need for power and control and that would be removed if you stopped being paid. Arrogence is so unattractive on so many levels.

photobug177Jul. 11, 11 5:32 PM

Let's not forget the outrageous per Diem the lawmakers are free at will to steal from the taxpayers. This can be more than their salary which is taxable. Shame on everyone who is taking the pay.How many of the laid off workers need the money?

rsimplymnJul. 11, 11 5:37 PM

It sickens me to see our reps up here in northern MN. taking their pay and expecting the public to accept them as candidates when their term comes to an end and I plan on doing everything in my power to let the people of northern MN. know who they are. Rukavina from Virginia and Bakk from cook and Rienert and Gauthier from Duluth and all the others prepare for the end come election time as you have made it clear that you have no morals when it comes to your position of getting a check when so many of your voters are going without.

duronJul. 11, 11 6:09 PM

What a shock! Do you mean to say the very same people that we elected to do a job, to work in our best interest, and now we find out they didn't have a clue as to what they were doing, do you mean the very same people responsible for shutting our government down are still getting paid. Something has to change.

tjaydewittJul. 11, 11 6:39 PM

"I don't have savings I can fall back on, and I don't have a second job to fall back on," said Sen. Scott Dibble, a Minneapolis Democrat who placed the responsibility for the shutdown at the feet of Republicans. Well, duh! You think that any of the 22,000 laid off workers could use that excuse and then get paid! Real lame!

montaguezxJul. 11, 11 6:47 PM

From what I gather, there are currently two Republican and one Democrat who are actually getting together from time to time in "meetings" So, what are the rest of these people doing that is in any way essential? Since the above three are not taking paychecks, I see no reason to reward the others for sitting on the sidelines and not doing the job they were elected to do. So, some of you legislators only have this gig to live on, Tough, go tell it to the other thousands of public workers who are not getting a paycheck. Better yet, go to the unemployment line or live on you savings like they are. Wait a sec, just get another job, you know any job. That's what I always hear from the GOP.

raymckegneyJul. 11, 11 8:31 PM

There are seven articles in the Star today about the state shutdown. Of those seven articles. six of the articles have pictures of Dayton...the seventh article has a picture of Republicans. Well no the Star's not biased.


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