Gridlock deals gut punch to businesses

  • Article by: CHAO XIONG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 11, 2011 - 8:31 AM

Nearby shops that cater to -- and rely on -- state workers find themselves struggling to survive.

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yogibear6363Jul. 10, 1110:13 PM

I hope that come next election everybody remembers how the Republicans held the state hostage trying to further their ideological agenda. If the Republicans don't compromise soon the voters should kick them to the curb. . The states credit rating has been downgraded. The cost of the shutdown is big and going to get much worse. The top 2% are happy, but everybody else is hurting.

bgmach3Jul. 10, 1110:19 PM

Doesn't matter. The havemore republimores are going to fight to the end of our economic stability to hang on to the gains they have made in the last 30 years. Businesses failing, middle class falling into economic calimity it does not matter. The claws of greed will scratch and rip away at any chance to solve this whole gridlock mess to keep the havemore in their bank and stock accounts.

delefoneJul. 10, 1110:22 PM

This is part of how government "creates jobs". Workers are workers and wages from the public sector create jobs when the money is spent to buy consumer goods. Just like private sector jobs. ..... The government contracts that private sector companies get to build roads, provide office supplies such as computers, pens, paper, staplers, office furniture, etc., and many other goods and services that government pays the private sector to furnish creates private sector jobs. ................. There are many things that the government does better than the private sector as well as services the government provides that the private sector cannot make a profit by doing..... The government provides flood insurance because private sector companies do not make enough money to provide. There are many other examples.

mngoldJul. 10, 1110:22 PM

This "SUCKER PUNCH" brought to you by the GOP.

awshucksJul. 10, 1110:25 PM

Local small businesses suffering, large contractors with major projects idled, scores of other businesses and professionals throughout the state facing licensure problems of one sort or another, and multitudes of other private sector employers affected in a negative way, and yet this thing is only 10 days old. where's all those short-sighted commentors who claimed that most people will not notice a shutdown? Get back to it, legislators and Gov Dayton, and don't stop until you've got this thing SETTLED!!

mike7711Jul. 10, 1110:28 PM

Daytons shutdown hurting business, really haven't we been talking about this for 10 days now.If they don't like it they should send dayton the message that he should compromise and cut his budget to 34 billion. The budget are law makers presented to him in the spring.OUR lawyers did their job, Dayton failed. Some businesses may get hurt in this shutdown but there will be a reward to the rest of us when we have a better government that is more careful with tax payers money.STAY STRONG GOP , keep doing what we voted you to do. Victory will be at hand when Dayton concedes. Time is on our side if it takes a year that is just fine.

MoojaJul. 10, 1110:30 PM

Far too many dependent on the taxpayer nipple. It's good to flush this out. Eventually the taxpayer will be able to spend his own dollar rather than a state worker and that dollar will be spent more efficiently.

raymondb62Jul. 10, 1110:32 PM

It would appear that the Chamber of Commerce needs to have a talk with their good buddy Tony "hold the line" Sutton. Private businesses are going to suffer just as much as public employees and all because the GOP doesn't want to compromise. Too Bad! You were elected to represent all Minnesotans, not just your rich (or reich) friends.

noinkJul. 10, 1110:33 PM

Governor Dayton do everything in your power to get this budget passed.

jstanthrnbrJul. 10, 1110:39 PM

Poor business model. Never set yourself up to be reliant on government.


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