Bachmann: Slim record, big punch

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 11, 2011 - 3:03 PM

She's built her popularity on an ability to rally the disaffected right. Critics say she has a thin legislative resume. But she has left her mark.

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LakeliverJul. 10, 11 9:19 PM

Lord save us from people more partisan than Michele Bachmann. Evidently she can say anything to her following and they will simply believe it; even if the record shows the absolute opposite.

schuuuJul. 10, 11 9:21 PM

The only record that really matters right now is Obama's record of total economic policy failures and his record four trillion dollars of additional national debt...which he has to take full ownership of now.

questionmarkJul. 10, 11 9:23 PM

If she only had a brain...

mutt10RJul. 10, 11 9:24 PM

That this woman is even remotely considered viable as a candidate for POTUS is testament to the powerful combination of anti-intellectualism and marketing strategies.

KAWaltersJul. 10, 11 9:26 PM

No, she has a legislative voice that brings the fear in DEMS because she just tells the truth. Notice how they never ever talk about her tax experience. She would blow them away. Obama does not want to debate her she will take him down. She has become highly educated, created a business, raised a religiously sound family with 5 kids, (no reverend right) plus lots of foster kids, and yet she still says, you are responsible for you. Yet, what has Obummer done? Spend other peoples money for what? Organize your money to do what? Spendulous has done what? Where are the jobs? Is your or your neighbors life better?

dennismcanJul. 10, 11 9:28 PM

Here it comes. The Star and Sickle demeaning of Right Wing candidates. I'll ask just one question about activists versus legislators. Show me Barack Obamas records as a "present" congressman and his voting record and introduced legislation as a Senator. Let's be honest, if Obama ran on his 50% white race side instead of his 50% African American side, he'd still be the Junior Senator from Illinois.

vegas2112Jul. 10, 11 9:31 PM

RE: "Bachmann has never wielded a committee gavel, held a party leadership position or had a bill signed into law." ---------------------------------------------- The epitome of style over substance. Evil comes flashing a toothy smile, wrapped in a flag, and clutching the bible.

tokeraceJul. 10, 11 9:32 PM

She smiles big and says all the things the crazy people want to hear. Good for some attention now, but there's no way it will last.

howyadoinJul. 10, 11 9:34 PM

It's truly frightening to think there's a chance that this woman will represent the US walking into rooms with people like Putin, Netanyahu, etc. Who knows what kind of wacko nonsense she'd make up then and embarrass herself and her country.

wildfoxJul. 10, 11 9:34 PM

Bachmann .... she had 100 people at her event today! Last POTUS election 129 million people voted. She will need to speed things up if she intends on winning!


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