In GOP, a deep divide over hard line on budget

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 10, 2011 - 7:41 AM
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padraigmnJul. 9, 11 7:39 PM

"Dean, the House majority leader, said that ultimately, GOP legislators understand the political realities". The reality that they need to understand is that Republicans will be toast in 2012 if the shutdown is the primary focus of the campaign.

patrickjdJul. 9, 11 7:54 PM

The Republicans know that they can hold out longer than Dayton. Simply because virtually all of the state workers who have been laid off are Dayton supporters. Most Republicans work in the private sector and are the ones creating the taxes. This will dawn on the DFLers around State Fair time.

drichmnJul. 9, 11 8:03 PM

"Republican leaders, he said, appear open to compromise in private, but worry about getting hammered by non-elected party officials and the GOP freshmen who will not budge." ... Those elected took an oath to serve all of the people of MN. Not the narrow interests of non-elected party officials or anti-tax groups. All of the people. And that means that compromise is a necessary part of a government that serves all. It is not about winning it is about governing.

khart43001Jul. 9, 11 8:03 PM

patrickjd: I would not ascribe to what you are saying for the simple reason I am NOT a member of any union nor would I want to be. Saying that I am on the ranks of the "temporarily" unemployed because of the Ideological thinking of a few legislators, they think that by shutting down the state that they will make a difference for Minnesota, all I can say is lookout for 2012

seilamaboJul. 9, 11 8:07 PM

Can this fish wrap be anymore biased?

starboy123Jul. 9, 11 8:21 PM

Downey will be running for governor.

ollie3Jul. 9, 11 8:24 PM

Unbelievable (well, not really)...they complain about Obama when he says the problems started more than 2 years ago....yet here's their party leader blaming politicians from more than 20 years ago....

pkcartJul. 9, 11 8:29 PM

Let's remember where the problems came from - Pawlenty and his smoke and mirrors method of financing. I have seen it first hand!

RossbergJul. 9, 11 8:34 PM

The article presents an oversimplified picture of what's occurring since it's talking about only Republican legislators. I doubt that all the DFL legislators would march in lockstep in support of Gov. Dayton on any particular plan. Not all of them are tax and spend liberals so any theoretical defections by Republicans would likely be offset by an equal number of DFL ones. It's much more complicated than a simple compromise. For example, the tax methods - sales, income, gambling, cigarettes, liquor - each have their own advocates and opponents in both parties. It's likely that the same holds true on the spending side. Other than a few interviews of the minority leaders we've seen nothing to date which indicates how individual DFL legislators feel about the shutdown, the budget proposals, and the negotiations in general. It's a disservice to them to assume they all have the same mindset.

research2dayJul. 9, 11 8:42 PM

patrickjd, You just don't get it. It's not just the state employees who are paying for this republican shutdown. Every construction project in the state is shut down. Every one of them needs state inspections all along their time line. Not happening. Healthcare is coming to a stop: hiring cannot be done because background checks cannot be done. Commercial trades cannot be done, commercial vehicles are not getting inspections, 10,000 people from Canterbury are out of work. Resort owners are losing income because people are cancelling vacation stays. Leases on construction equipment continue to be payable while no work and no performance payments are being paid. Stores are not getting the same revenues because there are less people spending. The list goes on, and on, and on, and on. Your statements reflect the normal short-sightedness of conservatives: "It's not effecting me, so it's just fine." You have no social conscience, which could indicate a certain amount of social pathology. So selfish.


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