GOP moves to block special funding

  • Article by: BOB VON STERNBERG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 9, 2011 - 10:43 AM

With no signs of progress in talks, Republicans argued in court that two judges are acting unconstitutionally.

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rugnutsJul. 8, 11 9:53 PM

it should not be up to these two "judge masters" to pick. open a specal session and let legislators vote up or down. dayton can still veto. otherwise, it should be only "essential" services. there is a reason "no budget" ends up being a shutdown. it needs to be enforced.

justaxnspendJul. 8, 1110:19 PM

Starve the Beast !! Go team GOP !! I love you guys !!

skol12Jul. 8, 1110:20 PM

The longer this goes on, the longer the majority of citizens are seeing how little of an impact government has in their lives...

sunnyreaderJul. 8, 1110:35 PM

We all need to pray that people come to their senses and find a middle ground that everyone can stand on. Less legal maneuvering and more real consensus would help us all. I pray for the day when politicians reach across the political divide and are willing to compromise for the good of the state they have sworn to serve.

padraigmnJul. 8, 1110:52 PM

"Republican legislators went back to court in an attempt to block the spending of state funds during the shutdown". Here's an idea, how about going back to the negotiating table and reach a realistic compromise that involves some cuts in services and some increases in revenue - then you won't need to worry about what the courts are doing.

bl24601Jul. 8, 1110:55 PM

In other words, they want absolutely no spending, except, of course, the legislators' salaries, expenses, and per diem.

mackroeJul. 8, 1110:55 PM

I don't think the Republicans have gone far enough in their cuts. We should eliminate welfare, food stamps, arts funding, and public unions. That would fix the budget. The fact that they are not proposing eliminating these things shows they are compromising. The left gets to keep all the free handouts they use to buy votes. Heck even Dayton went as far as to fire the unions. If he refused to hire them back once the shut down was over and use real workers I'd actually vote for the guy next election. With real workers we could get just as much work done, if not more, with half the employees, that would reduce government spending.

wildfoxJul. 8, 1111:20 PM

I guess GOP got what they wanted "smaller government and less intrusion in peoples lives". Not to mention all the jobs they have created! Completely insane.

rabiddemJul. 8, 1111:36 PM

That's right, Dayton! Don't even talk to the unreasonable fools until they are willing to compromise. Don't even feed their ego by giving them the time of day. Their ideas are like dried-up seeds in a gourd...they make the same sound every time that they are aggitated!

bobbyd1Jul. 8, 1111:53 PM

I guess people like mackroe wants spending cut, and the acompaning jobs losses, as long as it is someone elses job I wonder if he will feel when the job loss is his job


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