When shutdown ends, will lawmakers mend fences?

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 9, 2011 - 8:53 PM

They must. The state's leaders will need to work together to foster the innovation necessary for the next 20 years and beyond.

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jarlmnJul. 9, 11 9:13 PM

With mind-numbing repetitive relentlessness, Lori would have us worship at the altar of "bipartisanship" and have both parties hold hands and sing Kumbaya by the campfire. We should instead celebrate stalemate and the fact of a government shutdown! Contrary to the conventional "wisdom" of far too many of our benighted fellow citizens, what we are now experiencing is actually a sign of a very healthy democracy! This shutdown is not a failure, but a fail-safe. It is giving politicians of BOTH parties, a much-needed "Time-Out" in the corner, so that these big babies can reflect upon their previous misbehavior of willy-nilly lawmaking and capricious spending. Hopefully, this stalemate will lead to a new era of more thoughtful and deliberative legislation by both parties. We must desperately disabuse ourselves of the erroneous notion that bipartisanship and 'efficiency' make for good government.

RandonJul. 9, 11 9:41 PM

jarlmn I am so glad that you are not an elected member of the goverment, your kind of thinking got us into this mess. go away!

wbgleasonJul. 9, 11 9:44 PM

Here's the way it is going to shake out, Lori. There will be a massacre at the polls in 2012. We will have a DFL lege and Governor. And as a leftie, I say God help us. Why will this happen? Because of the stubbornness of the GOP in not compromising. Finally, today, the President of Macalaster College had the courage to call out the Grovers, most of whom are in the GOP. You bear some blame in this, simply because you and the Strib did not use your bully pulpit to call the GOP out. Your piece yesterday quoting Bill George was a perfect example of spineless commentary. In trying to be non-partisan you have abdicated the responsibility of a free press.

RossbergJul. 9, 11 9:54 PM

Mr. Loritz's advice is one of the better ideas I've seen so far. Too many times people fail to see the opportunities in front of them because they're so focused on the crisis they're trying to deal with. When a state has both one of the highest per capita deficits and some of the highest taxes in the nation something is terribly wrong. It makes no difference whose fault it is or its cause. It has to change. Radically. That can't be done during a shutdown or a short Special Session but only during a Regular Session devoted almost exclusively to it. The alternative to this is a summer and fall spent trying to pluck off legislators in each party in an effort to shove through or thwart a compromise which will only last until the deficit reappears in the next biennium.

telmanmnJul. 9, 1110:09 PM

GOP! Ha, Ha, Ha, means DFL for another 20yrs. 1D10T's.

pstr1202Jul. 9, 1110:30 PM

Nice, but who will make the tough decisions? It seems that once an individual is elected, their first task is to work toward their reelection. Who would risk losing the next election in exchange for making the necessary, nay vital, changes needed? Someone needs to lead the way by putting the needs of the people above the need for reelection. But who?

wunderdudeJul. 9, 1110:42 PM

The shutdown is working for Minnesota. Don't monkey with it. Here we are one week later and life is going a long great for the vast majority of Minnesotans, and it's costing us $23 million a week less.

jarlmnJul. 9, 1110:56 PM

Randon, it has instead, been "business as usual" in our legislative bodies, local, state and federal, that has got us into this mess. This shut-down is a much needed wake-up call for BOTH parties! We are now viewing fighting over table scraps after decades of legislative malfeasance and capriciousness. Shift your archaic bourgeoisie paradigms, comrade citizen! This fragile, barely over 200 year-old experiment called "democracy" is often, and shoulds indeed be, a contentious thing. Partisanship is actually what has made this country great! If you want government "efficiency" for a model of how things should be, perhaps you could look to Hitler's national socialist Third Reich for the government type you seek.

SupervonJul. 9, 1111:11 PM

I thought the rivers would stop running and the roads would close without the "State" running our lives. I guess I can take the boards off the windows and doors now that I have seen the light that the "State" is really just a bunch of power-hungry Liberals wanting to destroy the lives of poor working people for votes.

scottkyJul. 9, 1111:13 PM

This piece is too Pollyannish. I doubt very much that the legislature and Governor will work together for the rest of the biennium even if a budget deal is reached. It will be Constitutional Amendment time, and the first one I will suggest is a "lights on" amendment allowing the previous budget to continue barring a new budget being approved.


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