Lori Sturdevant: A call for 'authentic leadership'

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 7, 2011 - 10:38 PM

Bill George, the former Medtronic CEO cum Harvard professor and nationally acclaimed leadership guru, tarred Minnesota political leaders in a July 4 blog post for the “leadership gaffe” that led to the state government shutdown.

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LakeliverJul. 7, 1110:38 PM

In fact, business leaders have played a minimal role in confronting the country's and state's deficits. I have serious doubts that they really want to see the deficits lowered because as a group they receive more from government than any other group as testified by their immense interest and participation in lobbying. How many, for example, other than Warren Buffet have admitted they really don't need the fat cat Bush tax cut? Buffet claims his group actually pays closer to 16% in taxes than the supposed rate required of them.

wbgleasonJul. 7, 1110:42 PM

Until Bill George, and others of the business community, are willing to step forward and put the blame where it belongs, nothing is going to happen. Who has made NO compromises? Who has asked for negotiations but refuses to budge on new revenue? There is an elephant in the living room and the business community - who has more leverage than anyone else - refuses to do anything about it. Mr. George is big on ethics in business. Mr. George do you think that the Grover Nordquist pledge is ethical for a legislator to sign? This pledge forswears the option of any tax increase for any reason. By so doing that legislator removes from him or herself the possibility of doing what may be in the current best interests of the state. This is not right and contradicts the oath of office taken to support the Minnesota constitution. Will someone speak up before irreversible economic damage is done to our state? Ms. Sturdevant - your paper also bears an obligation to speak up loudly and unequivocally on this issue. Simply bleating about leadership does not cut it.

rlundl02Jul. 8, 11 7:35 AM

I see the Governor and Legislature as both extremely petulant. But they're all politicians and this is the way they act. Minnesotans have only themselves to blame. Half the state bought into Dayton's joyless campaign of "I'm going to tax the rich people" and the other half elected a group of belligerent Republicans fueled by Tea Party passion. We got the government we deserve.

Don9539Jul. 8, 11 8:16 AM

“Our elected officials are looking out for their party agendas, rather than what’s in the best interests of all of Minnesota". I read and hear this platitude a lot lately. But what does this mean? Which party does not believe their aganda is in best interest of all of Minnesota? Apparently the writer knows what's in our best interest, but he does not share that with us. If we truly "knew" what was in the best interest of the state of Minnesota there would be no shutdown.

nathanhaleJul. 8, 11 8:51 AM

Lori: Republican leaders produced a complete and balanced budget that increased state spending by $2 billion. That's a 6% increase that is 2-3 times the rate of inflation depending on what indicators you look at. Just because the plan they produced doesn't fit your Farmer Laborite world view does not make that leadership unauthentic.

ranger1873Jul. 8, 11 9:19 AM

"As Target Corp. learned to its sorrow last summer, wading into politics can be perilous." -- So perilous, Lori, that your paper ran an article just yesterday noting the chain's better than expected sales. The liberal disconnect from reality continues.

cochranjasonJul. 8, 11 9:26 AM

Or who is raking in boffo profits while refusing to hire anyone so that the current President fails? The Business community. Gone are the days where business leaders looked out for and cared for their employees. Every man for themselves that is what are are at right now. How sad.

wcentralJul. 8, 11 9:27 AM

This does seem like an astute observation. The new Republicans have a model of taking politics to the gutter and then saying that the other side is just as bad. They model the worst and then excuse it by saying everybody is like that. The new Republicans should take a lesson from George and Sturdevant. At first they said we should model government after business. Now they insist we should model it after a family. The trouble is that their family model is a alcoholic, abusive, fundamental Christian model that is very sick. Dayton is at least modeling a heartfelt, compassionate system willing to listen and making efforts to communicate and compromise. He apparently is versed in healthy families and effective corporations.

natrefJul. 8, 11 9:30 AM

Funny that Lori is listening to a hugely successful businessman but never actually takes business input into politics. This state and country continues to punish success more than almost every nation in the country but Lori will still write how government needs more money than the more they already get every year.

jarlmnJul. 8, 1110:20 AM

Funny that Lori,who would otherwise totally rail and moan against "greedy" corporate CEOs who don't pay their "fair share" of taxes, now blithely gloms-on to one chap's supposed wisdom about what our politicians should do. And from his comments, this author seems to actually know very little about authentic politics, much less "authentic leadership." Bah!


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