Top earners cool to paying more

  • Article by: DEE DePASS and DAVID PHELPS , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: July 8, 2011 - 7:07 AM

Minnesotans making more than $1 million a year say the plan would hurt the state's economy.

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wakeupmplsJul. 7, 1110:20 PM

If the rich want or do not want to be taxed, taxing the rich is just the start. The threshold of "rich" will lower as more money is needed to fund mother government. Nobody is stopping anyone from voluntarily sending in a check to the Treasury department. If you want to "pay your fair share", mail a check.

josedemicasaJul. 7, 1110:22 PM

Millionaires may say or think it's progressive, but a sales tax on clothing is in fact regressive as the poor spend more as a percentage of income on clothing than the rich. A fact checker would have helped with this, but the Strib has long been more interested in a 'he said vs. he said' version of news than actual factual reporting.

dmay88Jul. 7, 1110:23 PM

Read the article carefully. If the governor gets everything he wants, these 7700 taxpayers, the "rich" will only add about 10% towards closing the budget shortfall. How much of that will be avoided by these people who have options? Those options may take much of their assets, businesses and maybe even themselves out of the MN entirely. How will that help Minnesota create jobs and improve the economy? Where will the balance of the 90% come from to close the gap? Will the tax and spenders then be satisfied? I think we know that they will not. What then? Guess! They will come after the rest of us to make up the rest, they have to. They have to unless our sickness of unlimited spending is cured and we learn to live within our means. The legislature gets it, the governor just doesn't.

dionesiamnJul. 7, 1110:24 PM

Note to self: Buy your next car from Walser's!

jimcarlsonJul. 7, 1110:25 PM

Take away their subsidies.

chiefwiggumJul. 7, 1110:26 PM

I am a state employee...who works very hard at a service that is important but not life critical. So far, I have had to miss 5 days of work due to this impasse (aka. my income tax rate went up 1.9% this year...and counting).

jstanthrnbrJul. 7, 1110:27 PM

"Baker, who earned $8.5 million last year, said Dayton's approach to solving the state's budget deficit is bad policy because the plan would lift Minnesota's tax rate to twice that of Illinois." 2X IL? That is the scariest statement in here.

drichmnJul. 7, 1110:27 PM

"closing a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin and opening one in Mexico." What?! And WI just gave them all kinds of corporate tax cuts and they are still moving to Mexico?

They ask 5 guys and they think that's representative of the entire group? Sheesh.

all1sand0sJul. 7, 1110:27 PM

Why is it so hard for people to understand? You tax the rich and they pass it down to the middle class anyways so it really is another tax on the middle class. You've achieved nothing except to make yourselves feel better. How about we live within our means. People have been doing it for centuries. Why can't our government?

BaldkidJul. 7, 1110:28 PM

Pffft, These fools have no clue, high property taxes, move across the border to Wisconsin! When are these people going to realize that it's a revenue issue and not a spending issue? I'll be the first to admit there is ALOT of waste, but 30 years ago when the United States was prosperous, the highest tax rate was 70%. Typically, these high earners are Republicans, which in turn are typically "holy rollers", I then ask them, "What would Jesus do?". You got your wealth off the backs of the middle class and now that class is being eliminate. Please turn off your Faux News and come back to reality.


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