Rep. Matt Dean: An open letter to Gov. Mark Dayton

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  • Updated: July 7, 2011 - 10:32 PM
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LakeliverJul. 7, 1110:43 PM

Your know what, sir, you can take these suggestions and put them in a very dark place. Dayton has compromised far more than you and your group have and he did so right up to the last mockery of a negotiations on your part. Nor did he slap 7 old social or moral issues as demands onto the table as your group did, issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with with negotiating a BUDGET. All of the recent pools show Minnesotans are far more supportive of the Governor than they are of your rigidity and inability to act like adults who understand the process of compromise.

goferfanzJul. 7, 1110:50 PM

Trouble is, MN is burdened with the worst Governor ever...................the 1/3 of eligible voters who went and voted for this SoDak trust fund charlatan can now live with his horrible decisions. Too bad the rest of us are stick with him, too. Thanks "alot"

wbgleasonJul. 7, 1110:53 PM

Mr. Dean - Let's be honest here, please. You have signed the Grover Norquist pledge. You have solemnly bound yourself to oppose any and all tax increases. This is on record. It is also unethical. You took a predetermined position even before the start of the session. You have not acted in the best interests of the citizens of the state. You have forsworn the power of taxation and thus ceded one of the responsibilities you took an oath to uphold. It is very difficult to take anything seriously that you might say about good faith negotiations. I am disappointed in you, Speaker Zellers and the other members of the legislature who have signed this irresponsible and cowardly pledge. This is a dereliction of your duty to all of the citizens of this state. Recall Grover Norquist's statement: "I don't want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub." This is despicable.

wrosierJul. 7, 1111:00 PM

How about trying to be a representative of your district and not following your "party line" for a change. You are obviously not listening to your district as they have said loud and long that "we need a compromise". GIT "R" DUN, while you're at it give back your paycheck for not doing your job.

twoputttommyJul. 7, 1111:01 PM

Simply amazing - the party that promoted party hack Michael Brodkorb to State Party Deputy Chair, and then stuck him into a Senate Staffer "job" so the Txpayers would be stuck with paying his salary, is complaining about political "campaigning"??!? As bad as the GOP sticking Brodkorb onto the taxpayer's dime is, Brodkorb's not the only one: former Coleman apologist Cullen Sheehan is on the taxpayer's tab as "Senate Rules Committee Executive Director." The list goes on - just like G.W.Bush sticking Karl Rove into the White House to direct political campaigning, it appears the Tony Sutton's has done the exact same thing with GOP political hacks - stuck them into legislative staff jobs and stuck taxpayers with the bill. Any party that claims to want to shrink the size of government, and then turns around and sticks Brodkorb et al INTO government cannot be taken seriously. And that includes this screed by GOPer Matt Dean.

triggerjazzJul. 7, 1111:28 PM

Amen Matt

chazzboJul. 7, 1111:33 PM

Dean praises two other Dem Govs. who got budget deals; neglects fact Brown had Dem majorities in both houses & Cuomo had split majorities.

vanb0057Jul. 7, 1111:39 PM

A 12% increase in the budget is big enough (even bigger if you don't include the over $2 billion in Federal stimulus last biennium)...sign the budget the legislature passed and let's move on.

pdxtranJul. 7, 1111:42 PM

Dayton has already compromised far more than he should have with the bullies and fanatics in the current Republican party.

wcentralJul. 7, 1111:48 PM

Matt take your childish, petulant, and bullying behavior and bury it in the Taxpayer's League landfill. Then go to class with the Carlson/Durenberger panel, and learn how to be adult, ethical and honest. We don't need more of your deceitful, despicable propaganda. We need an adult in the room. We need a Republican party with some ethics and honesty, to work with a Governor who has shown only ethics and honesty. Matt, ....., Grow Up.


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