Care for elderly, disabled starting to show strain

  • Article by: BRAD SCHRADE and WARREN WOLFE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: July 7, 2011 - 6:32 AM
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charzieJul. 6, 1110:12 PM

Everything the modern 'conservative' movement stands for is coming to pass. This article merely describes yet another tentacle in its plan, and one can hear the cheers and giggles from those who sit at the feet of Ayn Rand. Paul Ryan, who has freely admitted his allegiance to Ayn Rand's worldview, is one of those leading the charge to change the very essence of what America has long been about, and only a tiny percentage of citizens have any clue or interest as to these peoples' motivations and values, and why or where they are planning to drive our nation. May God help us all......

paulpalin12Jul. 6, 1110:15 PM

These are the very people the Republicans want to attack with their budget. Instead of asking the only people who have prospered during this recession - the wealthiest 2% - to pay their fair share, the Republican legislators are taking the money from the most vulnerable. Kind of like the sixth grade bully who steals lunch money from the shy third grader just because they can.

mikelmerJul. 6, 1110:21 PM

I am one of those affected by the inability of employers to have background checks conducted. The interesting thing to me is that in the course of gaining prior work in group homes and in an elementary school, I have passed at least five background checks in the past 27 months. Unfortunately, there is no central database that employers can access to confirm my clear background. So, we wait...

padraigmnJul. 6, 1110:23 PM

If the shutdown lasts through July, up to several thousand licensed health care professionals will not be able to either receive their initial license or renew their license. That might just have an impact on anyone in Minnesota who needs health care during the shutdown.

humph010Jul. 6, 1110:23 PM

The Republicans want cuts to Health and Human services . . .I think this is their slow death plan for the disabled and the elderly. They are keeping their line in the sand.

drichmnJul. 6, 1110:39 PM

And with the deep GOP cuts in health and human services as well as deep cuts to number of state employees across the board in addition to staff cuts included in the individual budgets, many of these problems would become permanent.

youngattyJul. 6, 1110:51 PM

Right. They are worried about death panels. So heres the plan...just keep the shutdown won't have to implement health care reform. Inhumane is right. this has become a real shilly shally Honorable Zellers.

inrealityJul. 6, 1110:57 PM

What is pathetic is the media putting out one crisis story after another. How about talking about the government budget being bloated? How about the fact that the new budget is 10% higher than the last and yet the Governor wants more? How about stories of people being taxed & regulated out of their homes & businesses? How about stories from all the people that aren't seeing any change in their lives with the state being "shut down"? How about stories of the state charging thousands of dollars to get licenses to start a simple business? I'm so tired of the horror stories because they are far & few compared to the other side that isn't being shown. We can take care of the elderly and ill without massive government. We can educate our children without massive government schools. We are capable of doing just about anything. Government is suppose to be something that the average person doesn't see or think about. Government should provide some basic services and tax only enough to pay for those services. We have allowed local, state & federal government to get out of control. It is now time to reduce government & cut spending. I hardly think a 10% increase even comes close to the track we should be on. It is time to stop with the "crisis" factory and talk individual freedom & economic liberty.

nogoodnameJul. 6, 1111:26 PM

@inreality -- Who is going to take care of Carlisle couple mentioned in the photo attached to this story? They can't take care of themselves and there are no family members to do it. Will the private sector do it? Hell no. Do you believe they should just die?

prariehomeJul. 6, 1111:27 PM

Never would I have predicted MN would arrive at this state of affairs. Of course, they'll never admit it publicly, or in polite company but many of this "new breed" of Republicans believe that these stories are the natural order of things - i.e. government should no longer be in the business of caring for the sick, poor and elderly - and that we should essentially let them perish. Brave New World...


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