Mexican migration near zero

  • Article by: DAMIEN CAVE , New York Times
  • Updated: July 5, 2011 - 11:00 PM

Better lives at home have cut allure of illegal entrance to U.S.

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crosscheckJul. 5, 11 9:54 PM

Bad news for the Democrats. Fewer potential voters to bribe with "chip cards" and section 8 housing...

zeldacJul. 5, 1110:03 PM

Just remember the New York Times is where this article came from. ie, it will always attempt to take a liberal twist, and in this case, it wants us to believe that there is no more issue and Congress need not deal with fences, guarding the border, etc.

dogman_214Jul. 5, 1110:37 PM

Is this a wake up call that we as a nation have slipped so far that persons living in the slums of Mexico would rather stay than attempt to grab the "American Dream"? While I'm pleased for them, I'm sad for us. Our star is tarnished on the world stage.

hockeydadmnJul. 5, 1111:06 PM

If our standard of living falls and others rise, why wouldn't people migrate away from the USA? Especially if they have relatives living in those countries.

herovillainJul. 6, 11 3:03 AM

It's good to see the usual "Liberal Media" cries. It's also amusing to see the Silly Cons unable to provide any actual data or evidence of any sort. Just "Liberal! Liberal! Spin Spin!" It's getting old and shows just how lazy the cons are.

noggnbloggnJul. 6, 11 4:00 AM

I have been an avid news reader for 42 years, usually accepting that journalists report facts as news. I think we have now arrived at a point where agendas drive what is written, and facts have very little to do with conclusions. This story seems to be a lie, in that other reporters are highlighting the border war, political corruption, drug cartel violence, tougher law enforcement of tougher laws, etc. There is still a steady stream of illegals entering America, but if we say it's not happening, then it must be so. Global warming is another example of a topic that seems disconnected from the facts, a discredited theory that is peddled as 'news'. People write whatever they want, and readers believe (or not) whatever they wish. Kind of sad that integrity no longer matters, and we no longer believe what we are being told, for better or for worse. Maybe that has always been the case, but it just seems worse now.

chucktellJul. 6, 11 4:05 AM

the hypocrite republicans were also courting the hispanic vote in a big way. specifically the pupeteers of baby bush.

comment229Jul. 6, 11 5:28 AM

First, do you believe it? Second, this should not even be a political issue, but some people make it that. The solution is simple. Put a severe fine per individual on any business hiring an illegal. It gets old reading how unemployment in the United State is a problem, and how some Americans have now made unemployment a life style, thanks to congress and the constant extensions of the insurance. Are you going to get that high paying job you once had? Maybe not; I didn't and lost my benefits too. But at least I am working.

elypatrickJul. 6, 11 6:59 AM

Anyway you look at it , it's good news!

langton4Jul. 6, 11 7:10 AM

minn12--I'm glad to see that you think that the Obama administration is doing a pretty good job of controlling illegal immigration. Not too many on the right admit that.


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