Minn. governor, lawmakers to meet as government shutdown drags on, judge weighs money demands

  • Article by: PATRICK CONDON and MARTIGA LOHN , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 7, 2011 - 6:42 AM
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rugnutsJul. 5, 11 5:01 PM

"Social services, police, child care providers beg Minn. 'special master' for money in shutdown" well a majority of MN citizens "begged for no tax increases" in the last election.

transmitterJul. 5, 11 5:06 PM

I stand behind the GOP leaders 100% in your attempt to limit and curtail spending with a fixed budget of $2B. Attempting to manipulate the situation by strongarming only makes strong willed people more likely to become stronger in their willpower.

brooke511bJul. 5, 11 5:25 PM

First of all we have way too many regulations to start with. Seems like someone gets hurt an employee breaks a rule and we get a new regulation. Second it is time to start calling an volunteering to help some of these agencies or ask if sending a donation would be helpful.

granma4peaceJul. 5, 11 5:30 PM

majority of MN citizens "begged for no tax increases" in the last election.

Wrong! A majority of Minnesotan's agree with Governor Dayton who advocates a combination of spending cuts and tax increases to fill the budget gap.

How long will it take before the people of MN get fed up with this sliver of radicals who think they can reduce our state to the status of a cold Mississippi?

Revenues are down in this state and expenditures are up, and both are due to unemployment. The teapubs have a mandate alright. They were sent to St Paul to get the economy moving again....not to destroy it even more by reducing yet further, already dwindling revenues.

coldbikerJul. 5, 11 5:37 PM

Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center? Where's the Minnesota Caucasian Men's Resource Center?

yogibear6363Jul. 5, 11 5:39 PM

The Republicans would "think" about a tax increase on the millionaires if the Dems capitulated on abortion, voter ID, and other ideological issues. How is that "willing to bend"?

ernieernieJul. 5, 11 5:56 PM

The state is shut down for a couple of days and all these agencies are scrambling for money. I've heard of people hurting near the end of the month but this is a few days and they have no money, no resources. Tells me they must be spending it as fast as they get it and they are getting a lot. Hense one of the reasons the state is 4 billion in debt. I read we have 220 such agencies in my county alone, how many are you supporting????????

milkman53Jul. 5, 11 6:01 PM

*rugnuts*voters didn't beg for no new taxes in the last election, in fact, a majority voted for taxes raising and budget cutting. But an even bigger majority voted for jobs, jobs, jobs.

drichmnJul. 5, 11 6:18 PM

"well a majority of MN citizens "begged for no tax increases" in the last election." No, the last election was all about jobs.

chuckspearerJul. 5, 11 6:42 PM

People with EATING DISORDERS??? Give me a break!!! This is the kind of crap that needs to get cut from the budget! My taxes are going to pay for some thing called Emily House for people with eating disorders??? Good lord. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves.


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