Businesses feel immediate bite

  • Article by: JENNIFER BJORHUS and MARISSA EVANS , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: July 4, 2011 - 10:19 AM

Firms working on highway projects were among the first hit as the state's purse snapped shut.

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TreetoplevelJul. 3, 1110:19 PM

I can hardly believe that the GOP had a proposal to do even more shifting and more borrowing (tobacco fund) and to continue to use accounting gimmicks similar to those used by the Pawlenty administration. Does anyone else think it ironic that this whole budget mess is coming round to haunt the former governor while he campaigns for higher office? A few points: How much is this shutdown costing the state economy? How many tourist dollars are not being spent in our tourist based out-state economy? How does laying people off solve the unemployment problem? How does laying people off help create consumer demand in the MN economy? How do any of these above-mentioned questions dovetail with the GOP’s campaign pledge to; “Focus on jobs and the economy like a laser”? Prioritizing and cutting spending is an important part of balancing the budget, but so is raising revenue. We've had a tax reform commission back in 1987 that stated the same thing. Governor Pawlenty had one that reported back a few years ago that said many of these same things. Yet they just get ignored. The political process hears this and says fine and then goes back to our "kitchen table" economics.

nomedsJul. 3, 1110:20 PM

The CEOs of any company doing business with the Gov't should not be paid any more than the workers themselves. Nobody should get rich off Gov't contracts.

chjohnson55Jul. 3, 1110:20 PM

gOVERNOR dAYTON and hIS minnions are like fraudulent dieters. They get a DairyQueen cake, then to scrimp on the excess sugars, cut off only the frosting, THEN EAT THE WHOLE REMAINING CAKE. gOVERNOR dAYTON and hIS minnions ONLY CUT the FEELINGS OF PEOPLE, not the excessive WASTE of a BLOATED GOVERNMENT. Minnesota Transportation ballooned to 100 times it size over the last 10 years. PASSENGER TRAINS BANCRUPT, the communities, nation wide, where ever they are used, in the United States of America. Another concern with Passenger trains is the inflexibility of their adaptation to community changes.

Truckman182Jul. 3, 1110:27 PM

I am a business owner. This article is a complete joke. The state only gets in the way of business and rarely helps it.

klotzmJul. 3, 1110:35 PM

Dayton said he wouldn't do this...even after a significant increase in the budget he won't be happy until he raises taxes (which is crazy in this economic climate). One guy can stop all this.

themostancieJul. 3, 1110:40 PM

The losses are greater for small out state government center towns like Bemidji, Marshall, Walker, etc..

forhawkeyesJul. 3, 1110:43 PM

Businesses do not matter to the party of wealth conscription! All they care about is getting out the welfare checks and foood stamps!

snowthunderJul. 3, 1110:46 PM

"Matt Kramer, head of the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, described the mood among his members as one of exasperation. 'It's an almost resigned -- 'Can you believe this is happening again?'"--------Hey Matt, you might want to look at your organizations track record when it comes to supporting small tax increases. Had you lobbied the Teapublicans for it, we might not be in this mess, but by all means go ahead and imitate an ostrich if it makes you feel better.

LicoriceJul. 3, 1110:46 PM

Please, business leaders, tell the Republicans to put their social agenda away and seriously focus on a budget solution that meets the needs of Minnesota. No gimmicks.

skylab2Jul. 3, 1110:49 PM

I guess those government contracts you're involved in weren't what you had in mind when you gave campaign donations and voted for the "smaller government" candidates who want to shut it all down.

Cry me a river...


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