Man's alleged cruelty to dog incenses PETA

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  • Updated: July 1, 2011 - 9:01 PM

A frustrated Apple Valley man allegedly hurls his dog after a potty accident. PETA's pushing for jail time.

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LilBeaverJul. 1, 11 9:47 PM

For once I can agree with PETA!

glamorousvivJul. 1, 1110:27 PM

"It's only a dog." Really? And you think this is ok? Amazing.

msmozzieJul. 1, 1110:35 PM

Frightened dogs & cats defecate out of fear. This was probably not this guy's first temper tantrum. Better still, check the rest of the family. When working with rescue, 9 times out of 10 there's more to the story, and the abuser is also abusing others. Even if the other family members are not beaten, the family pet becomes the catch-all for the abuser to hold everyone hostage. These cases need to have a lot more investigation, law enforcement, fines, and jail time for the sake of society.

righteeeoooJul. 1, 1110:46 PM

Many millions of animals are killed every day to feed the people of the world....

And PETA is concerned with this one dog????

PETA continues to show it's organization is the height of hypocrisy!!!!!

TreziokJul. 1, 1111:09 PM

righteeeooo: I am suggesting that perhaps you don't know what hypocrisy is. Here is a link, do with it what you will:

StandudeJul. 1, 1111:24 PM

God blessed them and said, "Be fertile, increase in number, fill the earth, and be its master. Rule the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that crawl on the earth." - Genesis 1:28 God's Word Translation 1995 (I thought this version was the closest to how we as everyday Americans speak) I'm not for animal cruelty because I'm a firm believer that if you show your pet you love it, it will love and protect you with it's own life without the need of "training" (not just dogs, I've heard stories of birds fending off their owners' attackers). I'm against special interest groups that FORCE their opinions on me by lobbying for laws I DO NOT share the same opinion for.

thexbarJul. 2, 1112:31 AM

I'm not a PETA fan but people who are not offended by what this man did to this dog scare me more than PETA does. As for using Biblical quotes to try to mitigate the nastiness of this incident...I'm far from an expert on the Bible but I know a bit about the Biblical concept of being a good steward. If PETA helps to bring attention to an issue that is presumably on the side of God -- does it make sense to lambast PETA in this instance?

krugerscottJul. 2, 1112:51 AM

I am not a fan of PETA but this guy should spend time in jail and never be allowed to own a pet again.You dont want the dog to do his business in the house, dont own a dog.This just makes my blood boil, you dont want to know what I would do to someone mistreating a dog like that.

mnmaggiemnJul. 2, 1112:52 AM

I generally do not favor PETA but this was a small dog unable to defend itself. Either potty train your dog or give it away. This is insane. I feel bad for the rest of the family that probably loves the puppy and I feel so bad for the puppy. The impact was equal to a car???INSANE this was not a one time toss this was a deliberate THROW! get better puppy!

crappiesruleJul. 2, 11 2:06 AM

There are some REAL disturbing comments on this post. It's not ONLY a dog. They feel pain, happiness, remorse, trust, loyalty, love. ALL the same emotions humans feel. Being cruel to animals is one of the biggest red flags in predicting future behavior, as those who do have abused or are likely to abuse humans in the future. If we as a society can come to the realization if you can't hurt animal, it's more than likely you wouldn't hurt a human, either. Those who have no empathy are likely to do both. Thank God for PETA.


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