Budget deal 'doesn't look likely,' Dayton says

  • Article by: Rachel E. Stassen-Berger and Eric Roper , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 30, 2011 - 9:36 PM

DFL leadership pessimistic on budget deal as GOP House members stage symbolic "sit-in."

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TmobioJun. 30, 11 2:58 PM

Run the bums out, especially Sen. Koch.

luvumleaveumJun. 30, 11 3:00 PM

If a deal is not made in an hour we need to vacate Itasca State Park. Weddings for this weekend in the park have been cancelled. Dayton is really something. Wanting 2% to pay so others can play. And everyone who supports this class warfare is no better than Dayton.

gopherdudeJun. 30, 11 3:01 PM

I hope somehow they can avert this shutdown. The shutown will impact commerce as a whole, a shutdown will have wide ranging effects if the Government shutdown, occurs your talking about speeding up the recession and slow down in the economy to a trickle. Commercial lending coming to a halt is a huge issue if the Secretary of State office closes and this shutdown happens. Your talking about a lot of businesses that rely on commercial paper and short term lending to pay the bills including payroll. This will impact a lot more people than just government workers and the people wanting to vacation at state parks.

dmyttyJun. 30, 11 3:08 PM

So is this the end...the beginning of the end...or the end of the beginning?

juliojones18Jun. 30, 11 3:08 PM

Tax the rich and leave the poor and middle out!!!!!!!!!

aspartzJun. 30, 11 3:12 PM

Are there open meeting law requirements for a special session?

davef3138Jun. 30, 11 3:13 PM

Is this a "camera phone through the window" photo?

samickbassJun. 30, 11 3:14 PM

We don't have a House of "Representatives." We have a House of "Partisans"........that is the problem. They are spending so much time focusing on their poltical parties strategy and "saving face" with big donors they have forgotten "we the citizens" and that will make it likely they will lose in the next election... along with the WI. GOP. Dayton has compromised. He was elected on the unpopular platform of raising taxes for high incomes. Majority Party needs to get that. The people are mad as H---- everywhere I go.

chablis28Jun. 30, 11 3:14 PM

Come on! Dayton came all of the way down from a 29% increase to a measily %12 increase. How many posters here got a 12% increase in pay? I bet most of you! LOL! Got to get those greedy taxpayers to let govt keep growing double digits and ignore the sluggish economy. Taxpayers are here for the benefit of state government.... period! Hum, used to be the other way around, didn't it?

mrspockJun. 30, 11 3:14 PM

How about this for "revenue raisers'? Let's reduce state spending and make our tax rates, workmen's comp, and enemployment insurance rates less expensive. That will encourage businesses to come here, rather than leave. In turn unemployment will decreae and wages will rise, thereby bringing in more revenue from EVERYONE rather than just conservatives. That will benefit ALL Minnesotans, not just public employees. It's really such a no brainer that even the "Governor" and Baak may undestand it.


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