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  • Updated: June 29, 2011 - 4:51 PM

A state government shutdown would leave thousands without a job and ripple across Minnesota in ways that even today are hard to fathom. That’s why Whistleblower needs your help.

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smortensenJun. 29, 11 5:10 PM

It really makes my blood boil. I was counting getting my renters credit refund in early August and I work in auto sales, so if you can't title cars...well, you could really be in trouble. All because a bunch of big babies can't find a way to compromise. I guarantee I will work tirelessly to make sure none of these clowns get re-elected in 2012. NONE!

lgren5735Jun. 29, 11 5:22 PM

We are horsemen who have invested a lot of money bringing our horses to Canterbury. Because there is no racing going to happen, we will have to ship our horses to another track in another state in order to run. We are not wealthy and this is a tremendous hardship for us after we have put so much into racing. The track is open for only a few months and this will cut into the season. It's really insane because the MRC has already been fully funded until July 31. It costs nothing to the state. If the track closes, very likely other horsemen will be forced to leave or have no chance at income for another year. If a majority of the horses pull out, Canterbury will be unable to resume racing because it won't be able to fill races. If it can't keep the meet going, the track will close and not only will the Racing industry move out of Minnesota, there will no longer be a card club and there will be no simulcasting. Minnesota will not only lose the income from that, the state will lose an industry that conducts $2 billion annually throughout the state. Not just racing but all aspects of the equine industry will be affected. We will no longer be able to continue in the industry unless we leave the state.

KAWaltersJun. 29, 11 6:12 PM

I will live without all services for a while to stop this rediculous spending. The real fear here for the Democrats is that they will find out we dont need half of the stuff. The private sector with personal retirement plans and invested health insurance plans can do everything 100% better. That scares them to death. With a private sector contractor there time is money. Not someone else's money. So the guy measuring for poring cement cant mess up because that is there bottom line. They can do it with 20 guys the government takes 300 and they get a month off with pay. Enough of the government welfare program.

tmrichardsonJun. 29, 11 6:14 PM

Today we told a local contractor that we will not be seeking his services to help us construct an outbuilding after all--as a state employee being laid off, we can't afford to make such an expenditure at this time, we may need that money soon! I also heard from a local doctors office that they are starting to get cancellations of necessary medical appointments from low income citizens normally on MN Care assistance. These people have heard nothing about the impacts to their health care and are afraid any bills will be entirely their responsibility, which they can't afford. Finally, from a logger in Northern MN, word that his work on state land is going to be shutdown tomorrow, all state timber sales are null and void during the shutdown.

minn55408Jun. 29, 11 6:24 PM

Well I don't have to deal with the State. I have done everything that I need done for the next 7 months...Soooo Shut down the State I DON'T CARE.

jafoman1Jun. 29, 11 6:30 PM

Shut it down. Doesnt affect me one way or the other. Although I am looking forward to less traffic.

sleepyeyemomJun. 29, 11 6:42 PM

I'm a small business owner. I'm "educated, or so I tell myself". I believe many of the core values America was founded on - religious freedom, belief in God, the right to work my butt off for reward down the road. I read alot, and converse with other humans face to face. I believe if you are successful you should contribute back to society. And I'm a mom - and I'll tell you the very, very worst thing this is doing that will affect us long-term - I no longer really believe in telling my children that "America's the greatest nation" or that "work hard and you'll succeed". I'm learning that integrity and honesty and compromise mean nothing, absolutely nothing!!!! at the government level. At this time, with the moral compass required of these representatives, I'd guide my kids away from any sort of political service. Instead of being proud of our democratic system, I'm disgusted by all politicians. And don'tt point fingers - cause my momma always said there's 4 fingers pointing back at you! Today I heard the legislators will get paid but child care reimbursement (for those who are working but need a little help) will be cut off. R U KIDDING ME PEOPLE?? What have we done for the next generation? This is the legacy that these politicians want to leave. There are no heroes in the government anymore.

humen007Jun. 29, 11 6:43 PM

I will spend time during the shut down pondering the reasons why Governor Dayton has disdain or even hatred for people who have earned their wealth. Clearly this attitude has clouded his judgement. The Legislature provided a balanced budget of $34B which is the highest budget in State history. He rejected it! Dayton will own the consequences of the shutdown!

bmcwJun. 29, 11 6:44 PM

A family reunion to be held at one of the State Campgrounds was canceled. There were 30 family members from 4 States traveling here to camp for the week. I know that this is insignificant to many of you but that would have been meant tourism dollars being spent at local businesses that depend on visitors to State Parks to purchase food, supplies and a couple of shopping trips into the City.

cristencJun. 29, 11 6:55 PM

My daycare has 4 kids receive daycare assistance and she will not be receiving payment for those kids and the state has said they may not pay until has a budget and it would not be retoactive. This is affecting her means of making a living.


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