U fights charges of top-heavy staffing

  • Article by: TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 29, 2011 - 9:31 AM

Critics say administrative ranks are bloated as funding falls.

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stung4everJun. 28, 1111:33 PM

"The question of how much administration at the U is too much reignited recently when Regent Steve Sviggum highlighted a 52 percent increase in the number of jobs labeled "administrative" in an internal report." "The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy." - Oscar Wilde

solocoJun. 28, 1111:35 PM

Top-heavy staffing is common. It is like a fiefdom. My former school Dunwoody College is a prime example. The student population has not increased significantly yet administration has grown several fold.

leg620Jun. 28, 1111:42 PM

As long as the U gets more applicants than it can accept things are going to keep on keepin' on.

snowthunderJun. 28, 1111:45 PM

Here's a question for you, StarTribune: look into the wages of adjunct faculty and compare them to the wages of tenure-track faculty. After that, look into how many adjuncts, if any, are offered benefits like health insurance coverage. Finally, how many adjuncts are teaching the classes that typically have the bulk of the students, such as introductory courses, and weigh that on a teacher-to-student ratio. Here's a prediction: you'll find the employees most financially abused and overworked on a teacher-to-student ratio are adjunct faculty, otherwise known as the cannon fodder of modern academia. As for the top-heavy administrative staffing levels apparently increased for the primary purpose of populating pointless, never-ending "policy meetings," please keep digging.

smallergovtJun. 28, 1111:50 PM

2 things struck me: I run this like a business, but he has 12 vp's reporting to him. In business, no leader can effectively lead with more than 5-6 direct reports. It shows bloat and half of these should be gone, their duties rolled into the other 6 and then you hire directors or other lower level staff to help pick up the slack. This is common business practice, not 12 lieutenants standing outside your door.

DufferHJun. 28, 1111:53 PM

What a great legacy Bruininks is leaving. --- NOT!!!

camb24Jun. 28, 1111:53 PM

$610,000 a year?????? NOBODY should have a salary of $610,000 a year unless they are a top surgeon/doctor that performs miracles!!!!

chemnpJun. 28, 1111:54 PM

Most admins are not going to cut their own positions. Gotta come from the state, but not in the form of budget cuts. The difficult question then is "is a prof who teaches, but also is an 'admin' actually an admin?"

johnsopinionJun. 28, 1111:59 PM

Top heavy staffing at the U? Nah. Could NEVER happen. These are the smartest, wisest, most inteligent people in the state. There is just NO WAY that they could allow such a thing to happen (wink, wink).

mrsteeleJun. 29, 1112:01 AM

I work at the U. I think there are some top-end admin positions that could be scrutinized, starting with the Regents. If Sviggum wants to cut positions, he should start with his own. He essentially gets paid (a lot) to sit around and drink coffee while talking about whose positions should be cut. Dweeb. But also it's important to remember that a lot of what happens at the U is research and not about teaching at all, and research requires people. So being staff heavy is not necessarily bad, as a lot of the money that pays those salaries is grant money. And, these are people that are spending money back into the state economy. Oh, and curing cancer, and stuff like that...


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