Editorial: Basilica Block Party is the wrong target for gay rights advocates

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  • Updated: June 28, 2011 - 10:48 PM

Build voter support in gay marriage fight.

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davesthe1Jun. 28, 1110:29 PM

Sorry, this church, the basilica, serves as the pulpit where the leading opponents of gay rights speak. it was at it's doors where they handed out the bigoted dvds and the hateful message they contained. there are other ways to support foodshelves, please find another way. when this church gets it's own house in order maybe then they should worry about the splinter in someone elses eye. there are other/better things to do...

boogawoogaJun. 28, 1111:12 PM

If the Archdiocese stopped spending funds to create and distribute 400,000 DVD's it would have more money to repair their buildings. Perhaps instead, we should be having block parties to raise funds to build new and better facilities that support everyone in the community and that leave the archaic world views outside in the cold.

LakeliverJun. 28, 1111:16 PM

Yes, the Catholic Church has a very big mess in its own house to get in order. It's call rampant pedophilia and its being exposed on a larger scale year after year. Instead of so self-righteously judging others, it needs to take a long and honest look in the mirror about its own horrifying transgressions against thousands of boys and girls. Then maybe some of us who have become totally disillusioned with its hypocrisy and lack of sincere sorrow for its own sins may return to it. A good start would be to return to that earliest time when its priests could and did marry.

hockeydadmnJun. 28, 1111:42 PM

Mob mentality doesn't win friends. My opinion on this issue has changed radically in the last few months towards special interest groups and I have gone from a let them have what they want attitude, to one supporting any group being attacked by mobs intent on creating civil unrest. This one is especially tasteless, an angry mob at the basilica would be a new low.

asdfasdfJun. 29, 1112:23 AM

so the Church doesn't want gays to marry but they do want gays to help pay for their church repairs??? This is a new twist - hate the sin but love the sinner's money? Of course if anyone's seen the vulture like behavior of some community priests when an elderly person becomes sick nothing surprises you when it comes to the church and it's pursuit of finances.

footnotegirlJun. 29, 1112:41 AM

And yet the Catholic church and its conservative allies use this very same argument to attack funding for Planned Parenthood. Even though NONE of State or Federal funds for health care services to PP go to providing abortions, they still insist on defunding (and removing what is sometimes the only medical care that poor women and men can get outside of emergency rooms) claiming that the money goes in one pocket and out the other. If the money that funds St. Vincent de Paul and the renovations were coming out of the church's coffers, perhaps they wouldn't have so much left to fund initiatives to restrict the rights of others.

orpheus90Jun. 29, 11 1:38 AM

hockeydadmn writes: an angry mob at the basilica would be a new low.... No lower than the mob mentality within the basilica that seems intent to demonize gays and strip their civil rights. There's going to be a new spin on the phrase "rock the basilica."

raymarshJun. 29, 11 3:59 AM

How is it that two homosexual men or two lesbian women raising a child is deemed to be acceptable without any possible evidence of how that could happen. For one thing, the men statistically will die at or before age 50 (CDC stats). Will there be "parentless" teenagers resulting?

prairiedoggyJun. 29, 11 6:35 AM

I agree with most of the posters. Let the church take care of its own buildings, and if people want to contribute to other worthy causes, they can. This block party needs a new sponser; one who doesn't discriminate against a segment of the community.

mn2niceJun. 29, 11 6:36 AM

While it is easy to point the finger at the Catholic church, and rightfully so, I have to agree with the editorial our major concern should be building support for voting down the Constitutional Amendment in 2012. This will take the vast amount of our time and energy, as conservatives in the state will be out in force to approve the amendment. We should not be distracted from the goal of defeating the amendment.


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