The king of clubs

  • Article by: TOM HORGEN and JENNIFER BJORHUS , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: July 19, 2011 - 3:44 PM

From peep shows and adult magazines to lap dances and body shots, Peter Hafiz and his family have controlled the wilder side of Twin Cities nightlife for more than 30 years. Hafiz is well-regarded by city officials and peers, but his long-time partner has run afoul of the law and has had ties to organized crime.

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smeeagain2Jun. 25, 1111:22 PM

The Gay 90s used to have hundreds of police calls. Funny, they never threatened to pull the liquor license like another club that is getting hit right now. Maybe someone wasn't paying enough graft or making the right political contributions. And now the corporate-owned media are glorifying the sex trade. Tomorrow they'll be wagging their fingers. What hypocrisy!

favoritesonJun. 26, 11 7:09 PM

The Warehouse District is now a neighborhood. Put those clubs on First Avenue. But keep them away from where people live. The city should not treat the downtown as a dumping ground for vice.

mglovettJun. 26, 11 9:34 PM

This is one of two articles (the other on the Guthrie's costume designer) that mention open shirts with tufts of chest hair. I find that strange, maybe I should go back to reading just the news.

LicoriceJun. 26, 1110:20 PM

What is the point of this story? Why give these creepy businesses the ink?

halfback2011Jun. 29, 1111:21 AM

I live by Deja Vú and I have to say that they aren't bad neighbors, no noise and customers behave well in the area...but why this guy can't clean up his properties is beyond me. The Gay 90's and Deja Vú specially are eye sores for the city, not to mention the New French Bar but for that I’m blaming the city more than Mr. Haziz...I wonder why Lisa Goodman doesn't do anything about it?...oh wait! She receives campaign money from Mr. Hafiz. I don't expect him to spend thousands of dollars but at least show some progress would be reassuring

danneskjold1Jun. 29, 11 3:03 PM

Interesting story. It kind of reminds one of the old days back when Kid Can was doing business. Old fashioned muckraking ala Liggett and associates.

atomicpunkJun. 29, 11 3:12 PM

The tagline to this article is incorrect. There are no lap dances in Minnesota. No touching is allowed in strip clubs. If you want a full contact lap dance, you'll have to go down to Iowa because they don't have them in Wisconsin or the Dakotas, either.

danneskjold1Jun. 29, 11 3:24 PM

atomicpunk - since when?

atomicpunkJun. 29, 11 3:27 PM

I cannot understand the mentality of hostility toward strip clubs. They provide high paying jobs to the dancers (half or more are single mothers) and the fact that people go to these places and keep them in business proves that people want these places to exist in the first place. If people did not want strip clubs, they would quickly go out of business. The root of the problem is the desire on the part of the fringe left and right to control people's behavior behind closed doors. If you do not want to go to a strip club, don't go! You cannot accdientally wander into one nor can you see what is going on inside from the street as a passerby. But please, don't tell me, a law abiding, consenting adult what I can and cannot do and don't tell the dancers, either. As someone who lives in the suburbs, I would LOVE a strip club to be built in my community down where the rest of the bars are. I would love it. Would I go? I have not been to a strip club in a very long time. But it would be nice to have one closeby should I decide to go. Plus, it would be economically beneficial for the community. As for the "strip clubs cause crime" LIE, I guarantee you that you will find more crime in North Minneapolis where there are no strip clubs than you will out in Inver Grove Heights were there is a strip club right out in the suburb a block or two away from homes on Concord.

atomicpunkJun. 29, 11 3:29 PM

@danneskjold1: Since when what?


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