Rambis, Kahn never seem on same page

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 23, 2011 - 1:45 AM

If the coach truly is fired, it's because he didn't deliver what the boss promised.

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zorkmanJun. 22, 1110:52 PM

Can anyone fix this franchise????? James T Kirk voice {{{{{ K-A-H-N }}}}}

abemntocalJun. 22, 1110:53 PM

The answer to your final question Patrick is because Kahn has no class. None.

tranquil17Jun. 22, 1110:57 PM

KAHHHHHHHHHN! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp-MXaNlD5g&feature=related

ogishkemuncieJun. 22, 1111:11 PM

Yeah, Kahn is also to fault and should be fired, but give the 'no class' call a rest. Rambis' failure to stand up for his players when they were mugged by Bynum & the Lakers was the last straw for me. And the Wolves' timetable is not ours or the league's. It's money and politics (and it's Taylor's money). Unfortunately, the fans are the last consideration. Even the most casual fan knew the team's tactics didn't fit its players, and that the coach and management were not of one mind on what to do about it. The trading of Al Jefferson was a symptom of this. Both Rambis & Kahn need to be gone. It will just take longer to be rid of Kahn.

jasperu2Jun. 22, 1111:12 PM

Come on Patrick, nothing these clowns do should come as any surprise. A badly run team, with bad ownership, bad coaching, an atrocious drafting history and mismanagement up and down the organization is capable of nothing more nor less than utter ineptitude.

bdbJun. 22, 1111:13 PM

If Kahn is behind firing Rambis taking so long then yes, he should have handled it much more quickly and decisively. There were certainly numerous reasons to fire Rambis. I have a hunch that it is Rob Moor or Glen Taylor that makes things operate at a glacial pace.

tranquil17Jun. 22, 1111:14 PM

It once seemed like anybody would be a better GM than Kevin McHale. But Kahn has managed to make McHale look like Jerry West. Worse yet, this is only possible because Khan has such excessive hubris and lack of insight into his own flaws that he it is not possible for him to learn from his mistakes. The worse things get, the more he thinks he will eventually prove everyone wrong and be proven the genius that he thinks he is. I'm glad that Ricky Rubio is coming because it's a novelty and I really really hope he becomes a solid player, but I worry Rubio being signed only makes Kahn feel vindication for all of the people who have doubted Rubio had ever come. Meanwhile the problem is that hypothetically, if Rubio were available for the NBA draft this year, it appears unlikely that he would be drafted at all. Kahn, if you're reading this, you may have a high IQ but your decision to again have no coach for the draft shows that you're confusing individual intelligence with omnipotence. I don't know if you'll draft well this year, but I know that you would be better prepared for the draft if you were working with the head coach for next year. The problem is that you could have avoided this scenario and you chose to do it by yourself. There is just no good explanation or excuse for why you chose to handle the coaching situation in this way.

drummerboy62Jun. 22, 1111:25 PM

This franchise is doomed! Now we need to suffer through another "rebuilding" year with a new coach and David Kahn in the background pretending he knows what the H_ _ _ he's doing. Ricky Rubio is not the answer--Kahn should show himself to the door with Rambis. And pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase don't take the tall, slow white guy from Turkey as your draft choice.

mnforecasterJun. 22, 1111:26 PM

I keep wanting to think I need to give Kahn a chance, and that he can't be possibly as smug and arrogant as he comes across. But now, I give up.

samo45Jun. 22, 1111:30 PM

I nominate this episode for the Minnesota Nice Hall of Fame. At least McHale was fun to have around.


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