Union deal would save state big costs from layoffs

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 21, 2011 - 11:31 PM

Union leaders agree to a deal for workers to give up severance pay, keep benefits.

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gwillikersJun. 21, 1110:11 PM

Public employees want to WORK! Once again, unions display reasonableness.

hrearden57Jun. 21, 1110:37 PM

The goal of state government is to create public sector jobs and give those people benefits. Or is is it ??

publicsectorJun. 21, 1110:38 PM

So to get this straight...State is going to shut down so Republicans will cave into taxing the top 2% of Minnesotans? Why when I hear ads from the unions or hear union people talking about taxing the to 2% and protect middle class - I start to think that the middle class they are talking about is protecting the union middle class. Why do I think the unions think they are going to be privy to the tax increase? This is ridiculous that we are going to have a shut down for the 8% of Minnesotan's who favor this tax increase and for union members. And, not every union member thinks the tax increase is neccessary with the size the budget is anyway. HA HA HA -- CRAZY --- Forget the flippen tax increase --- and get the bills signed. I mean really - what are we in? Grade school? Besides, isn't Gov. Dayton known for shutting offices down when the going gets tough? Oh, and union members---if you don't think you are getting paid enough - go the private sector. Stop relying on taxpayers to pay your freaking bills.

hrearden57Jun. 21, 1110:39 PM

State may sidestep big costs of bureaucratic government.

hobie2Jun. 21, 1110:52 PM

GOP should take a lesson from the unions - compromise for a win-win.... Oh, sorry.. GOP - a "win-win" is where an agreement is reached where both sides gain and improve their position. The art of achieving a win-win used to be called great politics - before some party decided "we win" was the only way politics should work.

jarboyJun. 21, 1111:00 PM

So, this is Dayton making sure his union buddies don't lose anything during the shutdown. They are going to get paid whether they work, or not. No wonder the State is going broke, whoever negotiates for the taxpayers must be corrupt, or else part of the union themselves.

churchkaJun. 21, 1111:03 PM

So the union employees, who are about to get screwed, give a huge concession to the State and every one starts bashing the unions. So predictable.

wildfoxJun. 21, 1111:04 PM

"employees could begin collecting unemployment insurance quickly after they are laid off "... Really now GOP shut down to pay people unemployment or give them millions in severance packages? This gets crazier by the minute! GOP get off your a$$ and compromise with Dayton and keep Minnesotans working! The domino effect from a shut down in communities will be devastating! Tax the top income earners! Be done with it!

jarboyJun. 21, 1111:06 PM

So, Dayton is going to use taxpayer money to pay the Unions for not doing any work. sounds like any other day.

publicsectorJun. 21, 1111:11 PM

I mean seriously!!! Of course the Public workers want to work gwillikers but they want the top 2% taxed so they get a raise for working. Union thugs are encouraging a shutdown to put pressure on legislature to get the tax increase, For Dayton - it's a campaign promise and one that he is digging his feet in cement for...well at the rate it's going it looks like the tax the rich plan isn't popular. Sign the darn bills and be done with it.


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