State contractors: Job cuts loom

  • Article by: DEE DEPASS and DAVID PHELPS , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: June 17, 2011 - 7:55 AM

As a state government shutdown deadline nears, contractors ponder immediate layoffs.

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mn55372Jun. 16, 11 9:48 PM

This story illustrates the stupidity of the Dayton stance and the complete lack of understanding history. We don't punish the job creators in a recession, which is what raising taxes does. We shouldn't punish the middle class worker either, which is exactly what this government shutdown will do. Dayton is 0-2 here, and I have to wonder why anyone voted for him, wasn't 6 pathetic absent years in the Senate enough of a trail for the Minnesota voter or are some of you so blindly loyal to the "D" after the name that it just doesn't matter. This guy Dayton is WRONG on the issue.

themostancieJun. 16, 11 9:54 PM

Y-you mean it isn't just going to hurt that Somali woman with the small kids? UNFAIR!

cwabhlJun. 16, 1110:12 PM

I thought the government does not create jobs, looks like they kind of do to me!

drichmnJun. 16, 1110:33 PM

Sorry mn55372, but it's the intransigent GOP who are wrong. They talk about how everybody has to "share in the pain" yet they protect the top 2% from doing so. Pawlenty was touting 5% growth in GDP but the only times we reached that was right after taxes were raised by both a Republican and a Democratic president. Perhaps it's you who should be looking more closely at history.

bgmach3Jun. 16, 1111:26 PM

Just one more plan for republimore job creation. If its not overseas and for a dollar a day, it's not job creation in their eyes.

katnltdJun. 17, 11 1:09 AM

yea - shutting down government because there aren't enough freebies - click your heels together Dorothy and blame it on the GOP - despite having a budget in place and ready to go that increases spending 2 BILLION and is paid for - oh - but you don't get to punish the evil "rich"? I'll say it again, because obiviosly you ain't too bright - address the 50% with no tax obligation - then I may be interested in looking at "the rich" and whether or not they are paying enough...

KeridwenJun. 17, 11 3:33 AM

I wonder how much this has already cost us? Human Services mailed out nearly 600,000 letters warning people their funding may go away, the state sent out over 40,000 lay off notices...this alone amounts to a quarter million dollars in postage not to mention cost of paper and envelopes. Add to that the wages of people spending all day preparing for a shut down....Star Tribune----just what has this cost us so far? What is the taxpayer bill for this political grandstanding circus?

petenelsonJun. 17, 11 4:07 AM

Gov. Dayton is "spot on", on the issue... The newly elected Republicans, have little or no idea or care of statesmanship, how government works. Nor do they care of the impact or fallout of their intransigence. The "just say no" mantra fails to recognize that the costs to operate governments at all levels have gone up with rising fuel and energy costs at all levels, too. Minnesotans have had a history of having a willingnes to show a backbone to pitch in, to take care of our own issues, and take care of our own, and it would seem to reason that the top 2 two percent should be willing to show that, in times when that is needed. Gov. Dayton is in that upper echelon-why should the other "eletes" be excluded from paying their fair share of the tax burden? This is lunacy, being espoused from the GOP. I hope and pray the voters remember this at the next election time. And vote accordingly, to remove these ignorants, who are showing no ability to hol;d office, from the rolls of decision makers regarding the current situation, and future situation of our state.

chablis28Jun. 17, 11 4:50 AM

Raising spending 16% is NOT an option. If Dayton wants a shut down state government and hurt HIS core constituencies the most, I'm totally at peace with it. I elected the Republicans to put thier foot down and hold thier ground.

chablis28Jun. 17, 11 5:03 AM

"Government services represent less than 10 percent of the state's gross domestic product, said Toby Madden, a regional economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis." ########## Got it? < 10%! Yet its a huge drain on the economy at the sametime taking money out the wallets of productive private citizens and investors.


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