Goal on Vikings stadium deadline fading

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 17, 2011 - 12:57 AM

Supporters had hoped to finalize project details by now. They also are waiting for a special session.

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sharkysharkJun. 16, 11 9:29 PM

Pay Attention! No new stadiums for carpetbagging billionaires. The new roof on the Metrodome is nearly finished. That's all ya get!

seanboyJun. 16, 11 9:45 PM

How is Ziggy Wilf a carpetbagger? Not 1 person from the great state of Minnesota stepped up the last 2 times the Vikings were up for sale. He's been more than fair considering he isn't from Minnesota.

SteveSliderJun. 16, 11 9:49 PM

The budget is approved. The new stadium is approved. Skol new stadium! Skol Minnesota! Skol Vikings!

hope23Jun. 16, 11 9:56 PM

Spending $1,100,000,000 for 2 exhibition football games and 8 regular season football games is crazy. Hope it fades away and our gov and legislators focus on more important items.

SteveSliderJun. 16, 11 9:59 PM

Public investment in the Metrodome was $33 million dollars. Vikings activities alone brought in a profit (over and above the public contribution) of $131 million. The State of Minnesota currently makes about $18 million a year off of player salaries. Lets see ($18 million) times (30 year lease) equals $540 million. That's quite a profit for the loan the Vikings are asking for. Let's face it - this is an investment and the State cashes in big time. Remember the Vikings will only use it 10-13 times a year the rest of the State of Minnesota will use it 352-355 days out of the year.

RossbergJun. 16, 1110:06 PM

Missed deadline? That's because the plan has so many inherent problems it wouldn't make any difference if the deadline is Friday or year from Friday. We don't have the money. How hard is that to understand? The Vikings are waiting for us to cave and agree to pay for all the highway upgrades. Forget that. In the meantime the plan for taxing memorabilia won't generate enough money and the "special" tax of players and Vikings employees almost certainly won't pass the legal test. So where is the money going to come from? Ramsey County sales taxes? Everyone knows that will be a major battle trying to get that through the Legislature. No referendum? Another battle. Raise the contribution from the state? Nuclear battle. Either put this off until next year when, hopefully, the budget wars are behind us or drop it entirely.

rhinohornJun. 16, 1110:07 PM

Republican Morrie Lanning is searching for new state revenue to cover the costs of building a football stadium so Ziggy can earn a larger profit. How do these efforts mesh with his position on other matters. Also, can someone please ask Morrie Lanning to explain how a tax on satelite TV customers is a stadium user-fee?

jstanthrnbrJun. 16, 1110:17 PM

No legislator in his/her right mind would send a bill up to fund a stadium right now. Sorry Wilf's, you know I am right.

gfldresidentJun. 16, 1110:29 PM

The project details are finalized, just no one told the Vikings yet. They are building a brand new stadium for them in downtown LA. Better get packing!

vikegregJun. 16, 1110:35 PM

Ignore the negative views. It is a good deal for Minnesota. It would be bad if we lost the NFL.


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