Stage set for tense union vote at N.Y. Target

  • Article by: JIM SPENCER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 17, 2011 - 3:59 PM

Accusations are flying on and off the Web. A victory for the UFCW could open the way for organizing efforts at other big retailers.

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righteeeoooJun. 16, 11 9:18 PM

My parents always taught me to work hard .... Worked for a union company... and all I heard from the union members was "Slow down, you're making the rest of us look bad".....

Quit them and went to work for a non-union firm and they all loved someone who was willing to work hard every day.... got promoted and made a lot more money that those lazy union people would every dream of .........

So the lesson is: "If you are lazy, corrupt and ignorant, you work for a union.... If you are intelligent and ambitious, you stay away from unions"

hermanthehunJun. 16, 11 9:18 PM

Target and Walmart are exactly the type of employers that create the need for a unionized workforce. Employees are "assets" to be used, abused, or discarded as needed. Benefits - H! Sick leave - you go to be kidding. Vacation - in your dreams! Retirement plan - fat chance! Corporate profit is all that counts. Unfortunately this attitude is becoming prevalent, and is even infecting some state and local government agencies.

MMMH2OJun. 16, 11 9:34 PM

You mean Markie has been profiting from exploiting non union labor?

jstanthrnbrJun. 16, 11 9:43 PM

Really bad time to make this play. Attention all union brothers/sisters (yes I am), do not force this hand and allow it to slap you in the face. We are in a national crisis that is exposing your greed. The gravy train is done. Hold onto your current packages and be thankful for them. Pay attention to your dues and where that money is spent. It may only be $8.00/week but do the math on what 52 weeks of that adds up to. Why do you continue to pay somebody else for a vacation you could have taken?

bsaastadJun. 16, 11 9:46 PM

First of all MMMH20, if the Markie you refer is Mark Dayton then you've been living in a hole for quite some time. The Dayton family no longer owns or manages Target. Hermathehun-have you ever worked for Target? They are a leader in the retail segment in providing many benefits to ALL of their employees.

palsarJun. 16, 11 9:47 PM

If they approve the union close down that store.

augsburg54Jun. 16, 11 9:47 PM

Why would these jobs ever be Unionized. They are mostly unskilled, entry level...non-career jobs. And if you unionize much for cheap prices at Target or Walmart. No...I really don't want to pay more at the register because someone is being paid an artificially inflated wage because they're union. I as a consumer, want the cheapest prices possible..especially in this economy. Want to make more money...get an education and improve your skills and worth as an employee. Don't use union extortion as a way to do it. Also...if you don't like your job, or what it one is forcing you to work there..are they?

hansobstJun. 16, 1110:03 PM

Can someone enlighten me? Can't Target just say "feel free to unionize. the 'Now Hiring' will be posted the next day"? Or are they under some legal obligation to hire only union employees if the current batch of employees dictates it?

glamorousvivJun. 16, 1110:14 PM

If they vote the union in, they will be sorry for the rest of their Target career. I agree with the first poster on this. I was forced to join a union when I took a retail job years ago. They did nothing for us, and the slackers got bigger bonuses for having seniority than those who were working their behinds off. It made me sick. I finally left after I realized what a better paycheck I could be cashing based on my skills, rather than how many years I had been on the job. I did leave, I made far more money in the private sector, and I had much better benefits.

MSSull2Jun. 16, 1110:15 PM

Anyone that believes that union workers are lazy only need to watch a UPS delivery driver at work. They are all Teamsters and all work very long hours and very hard and very quick all day long. In fact I doubt most of the people that slam union workers could last a week at that job.


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