Huge wave of inspections

  • Article by: ABBY SIMONS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 13, 2011 - 9:59 PM

Minneapolis is starting an effort to inspect 1,800 rental homes damaged in the May 22 tornado.

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danielgustafJun. 13, 1111:59 PM

Rahm said it best--Never let a good crisis go to waste. What better way for pencil pushers and the chronic form filler outers to ensure continued employment, appointments, and justification for salaries, vehicles, etc. to the higher ups at City Hall than to kick property owners who are already down by "inspecting" 1800 rental properties. No wonder my Minneapolis property taxes continue to sky rocket.

killermebeJun. 14, 1112:46 AM

This could easily become a hardship on property owners if these "inspections" force them to bring thing up to current code. Unless totally destroyed they should only be required to bring things to pre tornado condition.

roughonratsJun. 14, 11 1:25 AM

Oh, wonderful. So, what do you "free market" people suggest? Just let people move back into whatever, no matter what shape it's in, and let the market determine the price????? "Hey, it may be structurally compromised, but THINK of the money you'll save!" :)

killermebeJun. 14, 11 1:47 AM

@roughonrats That's ridiculously over the top. What I would suggest is that the city not use this as an excuse to bring a lightly damaged 1960's house (not structurally speaking) into the same code it would have to meet if it were built from scratch today. If the city inspectors get out of hand, and believe me they will then a lot of people will be losing.

mankato58Jun. 14, 11 5:50 AM

The rental codes are the rental codes. At some point every grandfathered dwelling will need to be brought up to code. It may be new siding, new shingles or replacement of a deck that triggers the need to bring the entire dwelling up to code. At this point it is storm damage that has triggered the need. Those that want to purchase property to rent often forget that there are expenses. This is one of them.

momsphatboiJun. 14, 11 7:19 AM

let me get this right killermebe. slumlord hasnt fixed plumbing or roof for 3 weeks(maybe years) prior to the storm/tornado and he shouldnt have to fix what was broke prior to the storm? go jump in the lake. because of the tornado people are now seeing what has had a blind eye turned toward it. and many are amazed that so many have gotten away for so long. the storm exposed some real the rental world and here in the comment world....i think really Michele her nom de did you make it back from the debate so quickly?

artfemmeJun. 14, 11 7:52 AM

As a North Mpls resident, I have been helping with the clean up. Volunteers have come across horrific rentals, where one man was sleeping in a dog house, one house partitioned off to be 3 apartments where it was condemned and 3 families still living in it... and that is not all! Don't turn a blind eye to North just because you live in your suburban dreamland, or your south side yuppie-dom!

savikingsJun. 14, 11 8:30 AM

Isn't insurance supposed to be fixing these homes? It is irrelevent whether they are rentals or owner-occupied. Most homeowners insurance policies have endorsements for code upgrades. It is not the duty of the city to verify if repairs are done. If the home is in disrpair or unsafe to live in, the tenant doesn't have to live there...

tracymclJun. 14, 11 9:16 AM

artfemme-why are you making devisive statements, to further aleinate the rich from the poor? Believe me, we as a society are all really reeling and will continue to suffer economically-there is no need to create a fight. Get out of your northside neighborhood and visit the burbs, where you will see rapidly aging housing, multigenerational and multifamily groups in small houses, people who can't afford food because they are paying their underwater mortgages, and lots of elderly residents who are having trouble and live in housing that doesn't meet code and hasn't for decades. You are in denial if you think all residents outside your northside are living in tv like mansions, with gourmet kitchens, designer clothes, and no worries except whether to buy a BMW or a Lexus next. Check out poverty stats, many of our burbs and neighborhoods in St. Paul and Mpls are poor and rapidly falling in economic power. Unlesss we all work together, we will all continue to slide.

virusdotexeJun. 14, 11 9:28 AM

Could the city impose some additional fees on the landlords? That seems to be the solution to every other rental housing issue.


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