Rand: LeBron's just like us after all

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  • Updated: June 14, 2011 - 6:44 AM

He has the talent to take over a game. But Sunday, LeBron James showed he'd rather lose as a team than risk losing it all by himself.

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Daniel888Jun. 13, 1111:55 PM

LeBron is all about LeBron. In victory or defeat all LeBron ever talks about is "I" and "Me". "Pride comes before a fall" and this was a big fall. Cleveland is laughing out loud.

mnnice20Jun. 14, 1112:21 AM

Lebron is not at all like us. He is a multi-millionaire celebrity athlete. He let us know that we are going back to our miserable lives while he is happy with himself. He is what the NBA is nowadays, a bunch of crybaby's with tattoos. Magic said it best when he said he didnt join the best in the league because he wanted to beat them. NBA is sucking nowadays because we have people like the Heat. I am happy for the Mavericks because they are a TEAM>

othermiscJun. 14, 1112:28 AM

I am not a fan of James as I don't like how he handled himself with "the decision," but I think it is hillarious that all of these fans from suspect franchises (such as every single one in Minnesota) would judge him as a loser because he could *only* make it to game 6 of the NBA finals. The Twins can't make it out of the first round. Vikes can't get to a Super Bowl even when they have the best team and choke in ways James never could think of. Wolves or Wild? Forget it. You aren't a loser in a team sport if you don't win the championship. Get over it Cleveland. Get over it America. It is basketball.

othermiscJun. 14, 1112:33 AM

@mnnice20: Catch up on your history. Magic Johnson was already on the best team his first year in the league, and won the NBA title as a rookie. It is easy to say you'd never leave when you are on the best team. And you know why they were so good? Because Jabbar left Milwaukee, in his prime, as an MVP, because the city didn't do it for him, even though the Bucks had the best record in the leauge and Oscar Robertson as a teammate. How is what Jabbar did to set up the Laker dyanasty different than what James did to Cleveland?

nic1976Jun. 14, 11 1:38 AM

It will be interesting to see who Miami brings in to help Dwayne Wade next year. The help he had this year didn't quite measure up (to their own boasting).

emailreedJun. 14, 11 6:33 AM

very theological -

angusyoungJun. 14, 11 7:09 AM

James is just another Primo athlete that thinks the world revolves around him. Basketball players seem to lead the pack when it comes to being arrogant and ignorant..

notsidJun. 14, 11 7:42 AM

James may never get any better than he wasn't in the last part of the NBA finals. He simply may not know how to play team basketball in the manner of Dirk, Jason and Terry as he may well just not get it. He may never be strong and confident enough to play like a superstar that he is paid to be at crunch time and to take the risk of failing. James basketball epitaph as well as his definition as a player may well have been written for him by the Mavericks. Wade and Bosch may need to have someone other than James as their third if they ever plan to win an NBA title. On the other hand, he may well decide to grow up, gain a little humility and play hard, smart and well as a team player. Seems like the ball is kind of in his court, as they say. James' comments regarding the fans who support him, pay his salary and criticize him for not playing better when it counts as having mundane and boring lives may well be a self-analysis of his own life.

kindaliberalJun. 14, 11 9:33 AM

Othermisc, the difference is if the Twins had signed Mauer and then got Pujohls and Cliff lee and still didn't win. That's magnified by James being with Wade and Bosh since you don't need 25 players in basketball.

kindaliberalJun. 14, 11 9:37 AM

The apologist for James doesn't seem to understand that the WAY James left Cleveland is WHY people are disgusted with him. Players leave and they can. Most don't twist the knife as they leave, especially from their hometown.


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