Vikings call audible on funding for road work

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON and KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: June 13, 2011 - 10:04 PM

A new mix of funds would pay for work near Arden Hills stadium.

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jablumpkinJun. 13, 1110:25 AM

This stadium isn't happening. Quit wasting my time with your rambling and rambling. GO PACK GO!

denisjahJun. 13, 1110:30 AM

Nope. There is no value to the state in the Arden hills site. There are no restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls on that site and there won't be. Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul have those and that means putting 60,000 people a week into those areas for foot traffic. That means more money spent and sales tax revenue. More riders on light rail. Not in Arden Hills. You'd be hard-pressed to find a new stadium that wasn't part of the trend to move to downtown for these same reasons. Thanks but we'll take a pass.

rhinohornJun. 13, 1110:38 AM

Are Bagley, Wilf, Bennett and Orgeta DEAF? The state is not paying anything above $300,000,000 for this welfare project. Is this a joke? They are now asking the state to increase its contribution to the welfare by another 20%?! Well, at least this will kill the bill once and for all. BTW, when will Morrie Lanning and Julie Rosen tell us what tax increases they are in favor of to fund the state portion? No new revenue ring a bell?


The state ought to keep in mind how many other organizations have come along with a billion dollar project AND offered to clean up that dump site in Arden Hills. IF they don't work with the Vikes on this and get it done, I'm sure there are plenty of other companies just waiting to BUILD some WORTHWHILE venture there. Wake up, MN government. This project is almost too good to be true. That land has no chance of being CLEANED UP without the help of the football club. Let's move forward!!!

tani12Jun. 13, 1110:53 AM

So if the Arden Hills site is so polluted that we have to invest over $600 million, why give it to a private interest that will used it for roughly 40 hours a year? My guess is that no one has EVER offered anyone else such a large subsidy to build on this site. Surely we could give $600-$700 million to a company that pays fulltime workers a living wage to build on this site. That way it can be used for 40 hours a week and just see the restaurants spring up.

yosoffJun. 13, 1110:57 AM

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. The stadium project creates both temporary and permanent jobs at a time when they are badly needed.

mcjoe1Jun. 13, 1110:58 AM

Sounds like parking out in the middle of nowhere Arden Hills is going to be triple the cost of downtown with all these fees on top, not to mention Ziggy will have a complete monopoly on all transportation to the taxpayer's stadium. No more easy light rail ride to a game anymore. Target Field got horrible reactions for a .15 tax increase in Hennepin county, I can't imagine what a .50 tax increase in Ramsey county is going to bring.

aydx0001Jun. 13, 1110:58 AM

Just when I got the county to reduce my taxable home value this comes much for a property tax cut. Pretty soon my tax portion of my mortgage will be greater than principle and interest.

abe696Jun. 13, 1111:00 AM


mht99999Jun. 13, 1111:01 AM

First off , I'm a packer fan . I do not want to see the Vikings go . Can the state generate more funds by selling vikings license plates like Wisconsin does for GB ? Or can they sell seats like Chicago or Dallas did ?


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