Bachmann: Outsider from the start

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 13, 2011 - 7:19 AM

Michele Bachmann's hard-hitting conservatism has put her on the cusp of a Republican presidential bid.

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noinkJun. 12, 1110:08 PM

I'm voting for Ron Paul for president of the United states in 2012. The original founder of the modern Tea Party movement.

smallergovtJun. 12, 1110:10 PM

So much for the complaint about unlimited business funding of campaigns. Any newspaper can print any bias story they want and it doesn't cost the candidate (not Bachman!-her rivals)a cent and there is nothing the campaign donation police can do about it. At least you let an "occasional" opinion article by Pawlenty in the door. I give you that.

diogenesnyJun. 12, 1110:12 PM

"But people who love black and white, she's their hero." And that's a big problem - the world is no longer black or white, and hasn't been for decades at least. Someone who can't understand a subtlety is going to have problems in a position of power - and Madame Bachmann does *not* do subtleties.

jstanthrnbrJun. 12, 1110:17 PM

"More significant are the divisions she has sown within her own party, where she is seen as a Tea Party maven all too willing to overshadow GOP leaders in Congress,..." But, but ,but, I thought the Tea Party was just an irrelevant group of old white people. I hope Michele has a very prosperous future in the most literal sense of the word.

grude420Jun. 12, 1110:19 PM

Listen.. the only REAL CONSERVATIVE who believes in sound money, small government and personal liberties is Ron Paul. He's the only guy who knows what's wrong with our economy and provides a detailed plan on what he would do to correct it. These other empty suits don't hold water compared with Dr. Paul.

d_alexJun. 12, 1110:27 PM

I can't tell you how much I want the Republicans to support Shelly. Can you imagine a Bachmann/Palin or Palin/Bachmann ticket? Is there a Democrat out there who wouldn't love to see that?

ironguruJun. 12, 1110:29 PM

I might add "far from the outside". Some where in the twilight zone!

merkinJun. 12, 1110:29 PM

She won't do it. Becoming president would mean a cut in pay for her. She'll just pretend to think about some day maybe possibly exploring a committee that might recommend she run for president. Then in the end, she'll decide she could be of more service to the country by staying a pundit.

In the meantime the pretend run will help her TV career.

wallyworldmnJun. 12, 1110:31 PM

Even if I knew nothing about Michelle Bachmann, the fact that Alan Quist is a strong backer is a red flag that stops me in my tracks. I am not afraid of Michelle Bachmann running for office because I still have faith that the national voters are starting to reject the extremeist views (6th district voters aside). After the current batch of terms of office holders are up for the next election, I think that voters will be more cautious about putting extremists from either party in office because it is tearing this country apart. On the bright side, the late night shows will be great for the next couple years.

forfreedomJun. 12, 1110:41 PM

"Outsider" means nothing unless you define what she is outside of. Outsider seems to have a negative implication. In reality, the establishment GOP party machinery is outside of the stated platform of the Republican party. The values of the party have been coopted by the establishment leadership that is more interested in staying in power than in adhering to Constitutionally conservative government (something Republicans are supposed to be known for). Bachmann is trying to hold their feet to the fire and she is being called the outsider. That's actually laughable.


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