Target union vote a test for industry

  • Article by: JIM SPENCER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 15, 2011 - 5:38 PM

Outcome in New York could alter landscape for big-box retail.

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pitythefoolsJun. 12, 1110:01 AM

What? People in the private sector standing up and trying to protect their best interests through a union, rather than complaining how public union members have homes made of gold? It's about time people stood up for themselves instead of putting other people down.Even if this one fails, unions will become a growing force in the US again. The increasing disparity in wealth and income cannot continue, and it looks like the unions are the only power willing to take on the handful of people that own the majority of wealth and income in the Country.

cks1950Jun. 12, 11 1:22 PM

I'll be watching this one closely. If unions organize Target stores in Minnesota, I'm done with Target.

mdachsJun. 12, 11 6:35 PM

If the union supporters win the vote, I hope that Target closes the store. Most retail jobs in these kinds of stores require almost no formal education beyond high school (if that), no extensive training, and no special skills that would command a wage of more than $10 per hour. Evidence for that claim? Well, most high schoolers can get jobs in retail.

mackroeJun. 15, 1111:51 AM

The store may be middle of the pack now but if the union wins it will definately fall to the bottom. Partly because the employess will start acting like union members and productivity will fail but also because people who refuse to do business with organized crime will stop going to the store.

paulpalin12Jun. 15, 1111:52 AM

"Well, most high schoolers can get jobs in retail." ------------------------------ Is that really how you want to judge whether someone should earn more than $10/hour? If that is the case, almost 2/3rds of the jobs in Corporate America should be making $10/hour. Thank goodness they are not or the number of people eligible for MNCare and other assistance programs would skyrocket.

time9966Jun. 15, 1111:52 AM

Target Cashier isn't a job you should be taking to support your family as a primary wage-earner. Even with more hours, how would that really increase and better your lifestyle? It should be a stepping stone or a transitional job people. Work to become a manager, at least.

paulpalin12Jun. 15, 1111:54 AM

Workers have a right to organize. That right is granted in the United States Constitution. If the company does't want the workers to organize a union, then they should have treated them better rather than taking away their benefits, preventing them from working full-time, and paying them a welfare wage.

questionmarkJun. 15, 1112:30 PM

time9966, in this economy, in this crappy job market, people are being told to take any job to get off public assistance by the Republicans. The truth is taking any job, doesn't get you off public assistance. In fact, if you have health issues, it can land you in bankruptcy. You can have less money for food. The real problem in this country is the wealthy hoarding all the money. This country needs jobs, needs living wage jobs. The wealthy just send them overseas. Then they devastate the credit markets so those who used to have collateral to start new businesses, don't have access to that credit or money either. The rich have been able to get away with murder too long. It is time to hold them accountable and make them responsible citizens that contribute to the country they live in.

reader2580Jun. 15, 1112:33 PM

Target will just do like Walmart and close any store that unionizes. If people truly wouldn't shop at a union store then they wouldn't shop at any grocery store in the Twin Cities other than Aldi. Rainbow, Cub, and Lunds/Bylerly's are all union.

teddygJun. 15, 11 1:10 PM

As European retailers found out 20 years ago - pay a full-time, livable wages and a contribution to the state healthcare plan, and union problems go away. That is why a McDonald's franchise in Netherlands pays equiv of $14 per hour + healthcare. And still makes plenty of money.


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