Whistleblower: Dental woes left a bad taste

  • Article by: JAMES ELI SHIFFER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 12, 2011 - 7:19 AM

After his teeth were pulled, Byrl Johnson's transition to dentures got hung up in an insurance changeover.

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jojoobooJun. 11, 11 5:15 PM

"Johnson's story speaks to a number of issues, health advocates say..." -- the biggest issue it speaks to is that people have grown to expect the government (i.e. those of us that pay taxes) to pay for things that people should pay for themselves. Didn't take care of your teeth or save enough money to get them fixed? Sorry...the government (i.e. "we") is broke.

DUSTYBJun. 11, 11 5:18 PM

So his entitlements have run out and he's upset. Is that what the article is about? It sounds like that's what the article is about. Sorry but I don't see why this was printed.

dastubbs6430Jun. 11, 11 5:21 PM

That's the problem with government in a nutshell: Rules are rules, no matter what the people need. It's an ugly, broken system. Politicians and bureaucrats don't care.

humphydumphyJun. 11, 11 5:32 PM

The times call for unlimited entitlements. This guy may have been caught in the propwash of the failed "raise all boats" Great Society.

trap01Jun. 11, 11 5:42 PM

It is nice to see politics and nay saying put aside to simply do the right thing. Great job, Dr. James Midtling!

jrspacemanJun. 11, 11 5:45 PM

This article points out that sometimes there are holes in the system. From the end of April until his birthday mid-May, he had no coverage. I would have assumed he would be covered until he turned 65, as he probably did. Now I know that MinnCare cuts off early. It's good to hear that his surgery will be taken care of by his surgeon. That is a person who cares.

wardnjuneJun. 11, 11 5:46 PM

Surgery to remove bone chips should be covered by Medicare. Medical procedures are medical procedures, the fact that those bone chips are in his mouth should not matter - it's ridiculous.

citypersonJun. 11, 11 6:24 PM

If he was your dad, how would you feel? Even though he is not my father, he is a brother. No man should have to go through the torment this man has. I deeply feel for him and hope he knows there are a lot of us out there who care. This is such a shameful state and country in the way it treats its citizens and those who have paid taxes since they were old enough to work.

eljayeffJun. 11, 11 6:41 PM

Working in the medical field - physician's office - I see many people on Medicare - the fact that MinnesotaCare was dropped from this gentleman's coverage surprises me - or should it? I see those who are not US native born with Medicare and MinnesotaCare - Is this fair?

Redsun1909Jun. 11, 11 7:25 PM

Did you mention that the reimbursement probably doesn't even cover the providers costs?


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