Mayo opposes key health reform provision

  • Article by: JIM SPENCER and JEREMY HERB , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: June 10, 2011 - 10:10 PM

The Rochester clinic says it already is accountable to patients without the government's proposed oversight system.

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wunderdudeJun. 10, 1111:38 PM

Imagine the inept federal government presuming to tell Mayo, the finest healthcare system in the world, about "accountable care." But this is what Mayo gets after backing Obamacare. No backing out now.

theersJun. 10, 1111:39 PM

Mayo is right on this one. ACOs are two things: 1) a way for health care payers (the government and insurance companies) to pay a smaller set of provider organizations, which could save money; but more importantly 2) ACOs are the perversities of No Child Left Behind applied to medical practice. Forcing small medical providers to artificially band together as ACOs puts all of the individual providers at risk, since the failure of any one provider will result in consequences applied to all. Large extant medical organizations, like Minnesota's HMOs are big enough to be their own ACOs. And the extant HMOs have a healthier patient population than the small providers, which will make the HMOs look good when compared to an artificial amalgamation of small and independent doctors, clinics and hospitals. ACOs are a giveaway to large medical and insurance organizations. If as much government support went to family doctors as is given to family farmers, we'd all be better off. Back to Mayo, they are a large enough organization with a solid reputation and stable patient base that they will derive no benefit from the arcane dictates of the ACO rules.

northstars91Jun. 11, 11 1:24 AM

Can you imagine the governments hand involved in operating health care when they already operate the IRS? I recently made a minor payroll deposit error, what should have taken 15 minutes to resolve took nearly two months and 10-12 hours to fix! That's right! 1. to correct a minor error and 2. to get a confirmation that the error had been corrected! I have never seen such an incompetent clueless operation, it's just pure insanity.

RF6700Jun. 11, 11 3:00 AM

Maybe Obama will just grant them a waiver like he does all his union buddies who backed but refuse to abide by ObamaCare. This thing needs to be repealed before it does even more damage.

Redsun1909Jun. 11, 11 6:00 AM

We live in a new era, where government sets the standard and makes the choices........If it's good for the government, its good for you!

Redsun1909Jun. 11, 11 6:02 AM

Do our Unions and other large contributors have their waivers yet?

putney1968Jun. 11, 11 6:15 AM

I'm glad Mayo is speaking out. What the old curmugeon faction of medicine has long maintained is that putting doctors at financial risk, in other words making them the de facto insurance company, is a huge conflict of interest. That is exactly what happened to the original HMOs of the 1980s and why they were abolished. Anybody who read the health care "reform" act knew this. Unfortunately, our brain dead Senators and congressman didn't bother, having stayed in the Obama rapture mode from day one. How's that Kool Aid tasting now?

joeeeeeeJun. 11, 11 6:46 AM

This, as stated, is a proposal. As also stated, the intent of the proposl is to generate comments from stakeholders. It is obvious that no one proposal is going to meet with universal one hundred percent approval from each of a very diverse group of stakeholders. It is also obvious that in the end some flexibility will be utilized to accomplish the goals intended. They are definitely on the right track and will succeed; they must succeed.

asdfasdfJun. 11, 11 6:55 AM

all of this could have been avoided if republicans hadn't been so ignorantly opposed to single payer health care. The one fact that no one can dispute is we pay significantly more than any other nation industrialized nation for less coverage and worse results.

mankato58Jun. 11, 11 7:01 AM

When it came to mandatory insurance and guaranteed payment for services Mayo was all for it. But now that there is a portion that they must abide by they refuse. Let's see who wins in the "Pres. BHO vs. The Mayo Bros. Cage Match."


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