Los Angeles Vikings? It's in the air

  • Article by: JUDD ZULGAD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 10, 2011 - 8:38 PM

The Vikings' vice president said the team is committed to staying in Minnesota.

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drudgemonkeyJun. 10, 11 7:14 PM

This is sweeter than a Packers Super Bowl win. Watching MN throw away its franchise.

arkyvaughnJun. 10, 11 7:14 PM

Never gonna happen. It's bogus and just a scare tactic

ranger78Jun. 10, 11 7:21 PM

Good riddance. Let Los Angeles pay the stadium. No tax dollars for the Vikings. None. We know Dayton isn't listening to us. House and Senate, are you listening? I hope so.

indfserfdwdJun. 10, 11 7:33 PM

we'll help you pack. this is a much better scenario than being subjected to extortion....

pedrohansonJun. 10, 11 7:34 PM

Maybe this would wake up people to how badly the rich are exploiting tax payers with government subsidies. George Bush made lots of money by having Texans pay for his Texas Ranger stadium. I would gladly see the Vikings go if we could get rid of the income tax. Grown men playing a kids game and making millions of dollars is just a part of the bread and circuses tactic the Establishment uses to keep people distracted from important issues, like how badly taxpayers are being exploited by government.

nomedsJun. 10, 11 7:36 PM

Wilf would have to sell the team for the move to LA. Wilf has too big of an ego to sell something he has always wanted.

johnsopinionJun. 10, 11 7:36 PM

I say let them go. After all, according to Adrian, they are 'modern day slaves'. Why would taxpayers subsidize slavery in the 21st Century? I can still watch pro football on Sundays, won't change my personal or economic situation ONE BIT whether they stay or go. At least we won't have to read about high profile 100 mph speed demons or scandalous 'boat cruises'.

maliksealyJun. 10, 11 7:38 PM

Please no, I would cry for days

LBCDanJun. 10, 11 7:38 PM

The NFL wants L.A. to have a team and we'll get one. A city of 9 million without a NFL team? C'mon. Most people in L.A. don't care, there are so many other entertainment options available to them, but the NFL wants the TV revenue L.A. offers. Minnesotans don't want to pay for a new stadium so consider the Vikings gone. The move from Minnesota worked out just fine for the Lakers....

PhilCrossJun. 10, 11 7:47 PM

Hey, if the Vikings were a Minnesota taxpayer-owned team and they were playing in an abandoned parking lot, then I could understand their "need" for a stadium. But the reality is they have a paid stadium to pay in if they would just renew the lease, or their billionaire New Jersey owner could put up his own money to build what he wants. I know this is gonna hurt, but it's HIS team, not ours.


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