Americans work too much

  • Article by: DAVID A. LOVE
  • Updated: June 10, 2011 - 9:53 PM

You deserve a break today. Heck, take the whole week.

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samo45Jun. 11, 11 2:04 AM

The ones who outwork Americans are the Chinese, but when it comes to quality work, that's another story. Many Americans are starting to work more like the Chinese do, counting the hours and getting the job done with less regard for quality, let alone innovation. It's all part of the race to the bottom.

RF6700Jun. 11, 11 3:20 AM

Of course we work hard! Someone has to pay for the millions on welfare who choose not to.

duckboat38Jun. 11, 11 4:40 AM

The problem is that the people working have to pay for the permanant vacations for those that won't work.

rlundl02Jun. 11, 11 7:54 AM

Sloth and lethargy is nothing to admire. The people in the U.S. are hardworking? -- Good. My kinda country. BTW: Mr. "Progressive" columnist. I'm an ordinary American, and I don't consider myself some struggling victim of income inequality that you try to sell like cheap sausage. I've traveled the world a lot. Every time I clear Customs, I'm an ordinary American, glad to be home.

plecksJun. 11, 11 8:39 AM

Someone has to pay for all the "Progressive" programs and government. Unless money grows on trees in the "Progressive" world.

jprice_72Jun. 11, 11 8:42 AM

We are caught in a trap of our own design. The American dream is always one of more, more, more. People believe they can't have what they want if they take time off and often, they don't get what they want anyway because it is unattainable. Constantly reaching for the golden ticket only leads to frustration, anger, and a sense of betrayal. Slow down, take a vacation. See what America has to offer before running to a foreign country. I'd like to say before I leave this Earth that I've seen all there is to see of America but there is no chance of that happening soon unless I take the time to make it happen. If you can't be gone for a week or more from your job then you are either not delegating or are too tied to the plow to see the end of the furrow. Unhitch and stretch a little bit. It will do you a world of good and maybe even help you succeed more when you return.

jrobbie58Jun. 11, 1111:54 AM

Heh. The fact that your job stinks and your employer considers you a totally replaceable cog who deserves nothing better, is the fault of someone who doesn't even have a job. How can anyone argue with such flawless logic?

kleindropperJun. 11, 11 1:20 PM

Europeans are lazy and live miserable lives for the most part. Ask any European desperately trying to get into this country. In America, at least at one time, you used to be able to pursue your own interests and keep what you've earned. Sadly, so many in this country can't leave their neighbors purse alone and demand goodies from them.

RanickJun. 11, 11 2:24 PM

The attitudes of people like RF6700 and rlundl02 mystify me. Every time a wealthy person sees or hears someone throw out the "We work hard because we have to pay for the free loading welfare bums!", they must be laughing like lunatics on the inside. The rich are getting richer because their factory workers and office personnel are putting in longer hours, for less pay and less vacation compensation than virtually anywhere else in the modern world. Why is the first thought some people have "We have to do it to support the welfare losers!"??? Think about what you are saying...who is moving forward in this country at a pace never before seen in our national history? The rich. Who are moving backwards? The poor. Who is going nowhere fast and seeing their place in society becoming more and more precarious? The middle-class. Use some common sense. Look around you and see what and who are actually benefiting from longer hours, less pay and lower vacation compensation. It's not a tough thing to figure out.

rlundl02Jun. 11, 11 3:45 PM

@Ranick. I didn't mention welfare recipients or poor people in my post and they're not the point of my comment. I do get tired of people like the columnist who want to make me out to be some kind of victim. I don't feel like one. You wanna play that poor, downtrodden middle class envy game, that's fine with me. I'm happy every day for the life I have in this country. I don't need six weeks of vacation and I'm not overly envious of people in other countries who have it. I know what pay to get it and I see firsthand that the largess in many of those countries mentioned is starting to give way. And when the people start losing their life in the cushy berth, they don't like it. Demonstrations, grumbling and a lot of griping.


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