Bachmann strategist was right

  • Article by: JILL BURCUM , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 10, 2011 - 10:13 PM

To those who think Michele Bachmann or her new political strategist owe Sarah Palin an apology: Oh puh-leez.

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bugmenot99Jun. 10, 11 5:24 PM

Michelle, if leftist Burcum here is defending you, time to adjust course..Fire Rollins now! He's an establishment RINO.

sundooberJun. 10, 11 6:19 PM

Well, I guess the GOP has to run somebody next year, and it might as well be any of the sacrifical lambs. Why do you think so many viable candidates have decided NOT to run?

Mister_EJun. 10, 11 6:34 PM

Rollins is a come-lately who's joined the legion of Palin critics who've been saying for 3 years that she's a self-serving lightweight. It is more notable, however, as it becomes one of the very few true pronouncements from Bachmann's camp.

cmart6Jun. 10, 11 6:43 PM

This was a welcome and generally fair minded opinion piece by Jill Burcum from a writer who seems to know Congresswoman Bachmann (MB) far better than the political pundits who have almost universally derided MB as part of a campaign to "Palinize" MB with the sneering caracatures we have come to expect from the MSM acting as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party. It is not easy to for a conservative Republican to get elected in MN. What is refreshing about Ms. Burcum's piece is that she seems to recognize that the MN voters who have elected MB three times have a reasoned basis for their judgment. MB's political and social views are not necessarily "fringe." Time will answer that question. As to whether MB's views should be taken seriously, The Star Tribune can safely leave that question to the voters. In any case, MB is the most charismatic political figure to appear U.S. since FDR. "A prophet is not without honor save in his own country": hence chorus of put downs of MB from MN Democrats. MB does not have the name recognition of Mitt Romney, let alone that of Obama. After the 6/13/11 NH debate, MB's profile will become national. Whether MN Democrat's like MB or not, she can think and talk circles around any other Republican (or Obama, for that matter). In 1984 Ronald Reagan was re-elected, winning 49 states (all but MN.) MB has the same rare facility that Reagan had:the ability to talk directly to voters, over the heads (and din) of a viscerally hostile MSM.

viking53Jun. 10, 11 7:19 PM

Oh please. There is no way that you can compare Bachmann with Palin. Bachmann thought the American Revolution started in Lexington, New Hampshire. Palin thought that Revere rode to warn the British. There is no comparison whatsoever.

ReichertJun. 10, 11 7:52 PM

I can't say I like either politician, but Rollins was right on the nose with his pronunciation of Palin as a publicity hounding lightweight.

montaguezxJun. 10, 11 7:59 PM

Leaving aside my opinion that Ms. Bachmann is too extreme to be elected by the non Evangelical Crowd, or moderates, those who listen to her entire speeches, have followed her actual accomplishments as a representative or people who actually think about issues. I thought that this article was fairly on point. Ms. Bachmann has been busy in Iowa making contacts and building a base in her old home state while Ms. Palin was on her fantasy bus tour and awaiting the arrival of her "documentary" portraying her time as Governor of Alaska, the job that she could not be bothered to finish.

samo45Jun. 10, 11 8:14 PM

It's great that Bachman could talk knowledgeably about the mortgage meltdown in 2008, but I would be a lot more impressed if she had seen in coming before then, as some others did. Even George W. Bush was talking government bailouts by 2008. I still remember Bachmann making a big deal about kissing George W., acting like a teenaged girl smitten with Justin Bieber. Where was her concern about the American economy then, while Bush, Cheney, and the Republicans were running up the deficit by getting us into wars and giving tax breaks to the wealthy?

Redsun1909Jun. 10, 11 8:22 PM

Experience???? President Obama had a lot experience voting "present", so what's the big deal?

ranger1873Jun. 10, 11 8:23 PM

Ah, Jill, Sarah Palin lives rent-free inside your head. Ain't it grand?


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