Absence, injury, perception will be hard for Mauer to beat

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 10, 2011 - 2:04 PM

Whether his body is betraying him, or his pain tolerance has dropped, the hometown hero is hurting.

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robcole24Jun. 9, 1111:11 PM

I guess its no wonder he didnt play hockey...

ritterjJun. 9, 1111:12 PM

BS. Mauer had major knee surgey in December, and was not ready when the season started. He is the best catcher in MLB, and has 3 batting titles, which no other catcher in MLB history has done. If he comes back and lead s Twins resurgence over the last 4 months of this year, it will just lead to his legend. I am frustrated by the time this is taking, but we don't know all the details of his injury, and we need to just take a deep breath and relax while he gets ready to play.

live101Jun. 9, 1111:39 PM

Souhan - Couldn't agree more. Great article.

ChasmannJun. 9, 1111:40 PM

Like Joe sings so wonderfully in those overplayed commercials for MN tourism, "be sure to keep your glove near, there is simply more to love here"! I'm sure he keeps his glove near, but doesnt say anything about using it. The reality is, Joe has 23 million reason to love it here!!

coolhandlukeJun. 9, 1111:43 PM

I happen to remember a column from a certain Strib writer, written just after Joe Mauer signed his contract, which essentially said that all of us were lucky just to be able to see Joe play here for another 8 years. That it didn't even matter if the Twins were good or bad henceforth, the mere sight of seeing the hometown boy in a Twins jersey for 8 more years would be worth whatever was to come, even if that meant a pile of losing seasons. Who was that writer? Yeah, you guessed it. Jim Souhan.

tmack24Jun. 9, 1111:43 PM

I appreciate his batting titles and MVP award, but when you willingly sign the contract he agreed to his is willingly opening himself to criticism when he is on the DL. He is making more money than most people can comprehend, and that gives the fans the right to question and be critical. When he is playing he is great, there is no denying that, but honestly, with the contract he signed no one can blame anyone for questioning his durability. If he can't handle it, or his fans can't handle it, give the money back when he is on the DL, he can definetly afford that, or he and his fans should accept the criticism.

personJun. 10, 1112:05 AM

It's entertaining to watch everyone take their Mauer t-shirts off and then put them back on again. Every year.

hobie2Jun. 10, 1112:07 AM

Do you want him for this season, or do you want him to play at a high level for ten seasons? Answer that first - and then decide on a rehab regimen. "Playing hurt" is a dumb slogan for couch athletes who never did any skill sport and high school coaches who never played a sport at a very high level. If you had a $2 million 230 mph racing Ferrari with a noisy wheel bearing or a $5 million race horse with a favored hip, you sure as blazes wouldn't send it out to compete at it's peak performance and risk losing it forever - but you will send out a $180 million dollar investment and risk that on a high school coaches slogan? Get real.

ChiefBJun. 10, 1112:12 AM

"While he proved to be a durable catcher..." Fun fact: Joe Mauer has started at catcher in approximately 58% of Twins games since his major league debut.

BallFourJun. 10, 1112:13 AM

He's halfway to the Hall of Fame. Why would he sit if he didn't have to? As for the money, anyone would have taken it. That's a point of irritation only for those who are filled with self-pity because no one will offer them 1/50th of that.


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