Stadium hits 2-week warning

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE and ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: June 9, 2011 - 12:01 PM

As the Vikings float a plan to provide additional road funding, key backers of a new stadium say a deal must be reached before a special legislative session.

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byegirlJun. 8, 1110:06 PM

Any "deal" they piece together in 2 weeks will be just as loose as yet they've propsed yet..It's time for the team to find a new city to play in..They've become tiresome & untrustworthy in everything they do.

andrew91Jun. 8, 1110:09 PM

Like it or not, this deal is as good as dead. This team isn't going anywhere, and they aren't getting a new stadium. So might as well settle in at the Dome for another 30 years.

rhinohornJun. 8, 1110:19 PM

This deal had better be dead. It is sloppy and the public hasn't had a chance to attend hearings. How exactly is the State going to raise the $300,000,000.00 it is contributing to this corporate welfare project? Does the State keep naming rights? Will there be a player income tax? Does Mark Dayton consider a tax on satelite TV a stadium user-fee? If someone buys a Minnesota Wild shirt is a tax on that item now considered a Viking stadium user-fee? Isn't Morrie Lanning opposed to any new taxes, or has that changed? This thing is not ripe. Kill it now. No public money.

mnmonkeyboyJun. 8, 1110:22 PM

There will be a stadium, but not this year...and not on the dome site...the more this shakes out the more Minneapolis realizes the real money is redeveloping the dome site and surrounding area to add to the tax base.

rhinohornJun. 8, 1110:23 PM

When will the Met Council review take place? There is no way they can attempt to jam this thing through at this point. When will Ramsey County hold its public hearing? When will the legislature allow for public input?

eurotravelerJun. 8, 1110:26 PM

Nothing's going to happen in two weeks. End state: The Los Angeles Vikings.

hodgie999Jun. 8, 1110:33 PM

Let's get it done.

svbwannabJun. 8, 1110:33 PM

Pass the bill, start building it and move on.

humen007Jun. 8, 1110:36 PM

You've gotta love the taxpayer funded lobbyist, Ted Mondale who said "The big hurdle, he said, remains how to finance $131 million the Minnesota Department of Transportation insists is needed to improve and build nearby freeways and roads to handle increased stadium traffic". I guess picking the pockets of Ramsey County citizens with a 0.5% sales tax increase is no big deal. Stick a fork in this turkey, IT'S DONE!

RossbergJun. 8, 1110:41 PM

Talk about trying to jam a bogus deal down the throats of the taxpayers! Where are the committee hearings? Where is the public testimony? Why should the taxpayers who have to pay extra for a Special Session allow it to be hijacked and drug out for this nonsense? Mondale provided the biggest clue as to why they are panicky to get this done now - they don't want this to come up in an election year. Why? They know the public by a wide margin doesn't support any of this and they believe they have a short memory so they will forget about it by then. That in itself is reason enough to stop this bill from even being brought up in a Special Session. What an insult to the people of Minnesota by Mondale, Bennett, Bagley, and the rest of this sordid group of people only interested in ripping off the public!


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