(UPDATED - with a Congressman Ellison twist): On the ballot - circumcision

  • Article by: SUSAN HOGAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 16, 2011 - 11:25 AM

In California and elsewhere, a misguided movement is afoot to ban circumcisions. Proponents have even created an anti-circumcision superhero, Foreskin Man, who is grossly anti-Semitic.

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eman2002Jun. 7, 11 9:43 PM

Let's face it, it's a religious ritual that has no medical value, and is harmful to the child in nearly all cases.

furry1Jun. 7, 11 9:59 PM

The anti crowd lost any sympathy from me for all of time when they tried to claim a parallel between circumcision, done for religious and hygiene reasons when the child is too young to recall it, to female genital mutilation, done when the girl is in her preteens and designed to remove the possibility that the woman will experience pleasure from intercourse. It's like trying to claim that your 1 inch facial scar is totally the same as far as pain and suffering as that woman who had her eyes gouged out, and why won't people feel sad for me? Whaaa!!

goferfanzJun. 7, 1111:12 PM

Wasnt there just a big study showing circumcision significantly reduced HIV transmission in men? How ironic that San Francisco, of all places, would seek to ban it? What's next SF? Banning condoms? Banning HIV Rx's? Kind of ironic......

daltrowitzJun. 8, 1112:03 AM

This law will literally make it illegal to have a Jewish son in San Francisco. If that is not Anti-Semitism, I do not know what is.

stevewenongaJun. 8, 1112:16 AM

i thought a reporters main goal is to be objective and not biased. healthwise there is no large difference with infection or STDs-if normal hygeine and safe sex precautions are taken-than with circumcised males. does it make a difference if you cut male vs female tissue off, or at different times of their life? the core issue seems lost with some fringe person that gets attention with a cartoon that gets too much press. the issue is not being against a religion, but the unnecessary ritualistic harming of young men or women, based on a belief that seems to resist change, with little or no concern for the children affected. sorry so long, but there is more to it than a comic strip.

ammunraJun. 8, 11 5:57 AM

There have also been studies done that say circumcision reduces the chance of infection since urine, ejaculate, and preseminal fluid can get trapped under the foreskin if not cleaned properly. Also, "liken[ing] the removal of foreskin to the horrific forced genital mutilation of girls in Africa" is just absurd. So go ahead, put out your information and show why circumcision is bad, but let the parents (or man) decide for themselves.

gobigblueJun. 8, 11 6:08 AM

Seriously folks, this is a total non issue. Didn't have it done to my boy 1. Its too damn expensive, and not covered by insurance. 2. When we asked the doctor for a solid medical reason, all she could do was quote studies that said their was MAYBE an advantage.3. I could really care less what other people think is the norm for MY kid, if at some point in the future he wants it done, more power to him but it shouldn't be my, or my wife's choice to make, its not our body.

elind56Jun. 8, 11 6:45 AM

Circumcision is a rather barbaric ritual that has no basis in medical science and also has the effect of desensitizing the glans over time since its protective 'sheath' has been removed but I don't feel legislation is needed here. Some things are best just left alone. By the same token, if this practice was previously unheard of and was introduced, say, today, by a particular religion or whatever, it would most certainly be considered mutilation and would be made illegal in short order. Interesting topic.

rthashmarkJun. 8, 11 7:07 AM

California is full of crazy people and agendas

goferfanzJun. 8, 11 7:30 AM

"at some point in the future he wants it done, more power to him but it shouldn't be my, or my wife's choice to make, its not our body.".............."Circumcision is a rather barbaric ritual that has no basis in medical science"..................I luv these last two posts, any bets on where either of these posters would be on the abortion issue? :oD


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