Part 4 of 4: Getting away from the 'Twins Way'

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 8, 2011 - 1:57 PM

Last of a four-part series: Officials of an organization that prides itself on stressing fundamentals grimaced as players forgot the basics.

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spiderricomnJun. 7, 1110:47 PM

Wow! Now THIS is serious insight! "... but at the very least, the Twins must continue playing better baseball over the season's final four months. Their reputation is at stake."

meegwichJun. 8, 11 5:37 AM

Personally, I'm really tired of hearing how Tom Kelly did it this way or TK did it that way. That has absolutely no bearing on this current clubs performance. Yes, TK and the Twins won two World Series in a five year span. But, that over 20 years ago, and for the majority of TK's career as manager the Twins wallowed in mediocrity, most of time playing under five-hundred ball. It must be absolutely insulting to the rest of MLB teams that our arrogant GM and Manager claim only the Twins play the game the "right" way. Show me the success, where is it Billy? A bunch of division titles that don't mean a thing when you have your lunch handed to you in every post season appearance. I guess that must be the Twins way. The bottom line is the rest of the division caught up with Twins and past them in talent and player evaluations, and for the most part in player development. That folks, is all on Smith & Gardenhire.

bjpavekJun. 8, 11 5:58 AM

When is the media going to start to blame Bill Smith and Gardenhire. Smith has signed foolish contracts to players who are on the downward side of their careers and catchers whose legs hurt. Also this is not 1982 when the Twins were terrible but has young future starts like Puckett, Hrbek, Viola, Brunansky, and the G-man, now they have nothing, especially no power hitting prospects. Finally Gardenhire, he can't beat anybody in the AL east especially the Yankees which is a national joke how scared the twins are of the big bad yankees. gardy can't win the big game and he has his little golf and fishing buddies on the tean, now and in the past like Punto, Nathan who by the way is a first class jerk, Cuddy or as a call him scrubby, so what he can play a few positions poorly and couldn't drive in a clutch run or any run to save his life. I have been a real Twins fan since the mid 70's when I was a kid and we've gone through some tough years and some great years, thanks Herbie & Kirby and gang but Twins fans get ready the next 2-3 years are going to be rough especially if Smith and gardenhire keep running our Twins.

owatrussiaJun. 8, 11 6:23 AM

We would'nt be talking about this if the starting line-up could stay healthy. seriously who expects the twins to win with triple A talent that is not ready for the big leagues.....i guess bill smith has these same kind "mental mistakes" when deciding the present and future of the twins. you gotta go dude you have done nothing but hurt the twins.

sportcity444Jun. 8, 11 7:06 AM

Another interesting phenomenon that's developing is that the fans have really turned on this team. There's some serious frustration out there in MN and it seems that the die-hards are really letting their feelings be known. Don't let the big crowds at Target Field fool ya, (case in point fans show up at Wrigley in droves to watch a perennial loser). It's an interesting story - back in the old days MN fans would be happy to make the playoffs once or twice in a decade. Now fans are demanding yearly division championships and deep playoff runs and even World Series titles. I'm actually glad that's happening. They do that in New York, St. Louis, and Philly, and look how those teams perform.

barrettmarkjJun. 8, 11 7:47 AM

The Twins have lost their focus on fundamentals because Gardenhire is WAY too soft, and plays favorites with his bowlin' buddies on the team. I visit spring training every year in Ft Myers and it's SHOCKING. Gardy laughing and carrying on with his "buddies," who continually blow plays, not run hard, etc. with no repercussions... while Tom Kelly (a special assistant during spring training) is brought in to try and be the bad cop. Kelly yells and demands excellence, while Gardy says nothing and buddies up to his favorites all spring. It's disgusting... and also very telling. The main problem is GARDY. Stop trying to be a buddy, and start being a hard-a** MANAGER.

l6l6l6lJun. 8, 11 8:50 AM

Pretty weak article. The TWins have been getting less fundamentally sound for over three years. Howard (on this staff) and Seth Stohs (a blogger here) have been saying that for at least two years. Yet, this article, like Gardy, focuses on the new guys, as if they are the problem. The problem is systemic, not about the new guys. Span gets picked off like no one in history. Veterans throw to the wrong base. Veterans have bungled run downs. This article is about Valencia and Plouffe, when even Howard and Seth have been saying it is systemic. It's almost like Gardy wrote this one. Joe, I generally love your work, but this was just weak.

lh_3310Jun. 8, 11 8:51 AM

The "Twins Way" non-sense is a huge part of the reason they are so terrible this year. Its that style of play that got us crushed by the AL East year after year and humiliated in the playoffs. Call me picky if you want to but I don't want the current brand of baseball the Twins are playing OR the "Twins Way" I want something new altogether.

ranger1873Jun. 8, 11 9:13 AM

Gardenhire has skated all the way through this series. Admittedly the injuries have been massive but the repeated mental mistakes and lack of focus we've seen from this team indicate they aren't interested in playing for him. The inmates run the asylum and when too many of the inmates are Class AAA talent to begin with, there has to be accountability. A call for that accountability is sorely lacking in this series.

nighteJun. 8, 11 9:23 AM

I think the people have turned on the Twins because of the sad state of affairs with Gopher athletics, the Wild, T'Wolves, and Vikings! The Twins were the only hope and now when they struggle, it's hard to swallow. As far as mental mistakes, they come and go, but talented players make fewer of them. Maybe this version of the Twins aren't too talented??


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