Violated: 'Broken' system fails elderly abuse victims

  • Article by: BRAD SCHRADE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 24, 2011 - 12:06 PM

Federal records show Minnesota has fallen short in its handling of complaints about abuse of elderly and vulnerable adults.

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soapladyJun. 5, 11 6:26 AM

"Who cares what happened four years ago, if in fact it happened?" said Thomas Paul, corporate administrator for AVIV Health Care, which owns Westwood. "And if it did happen, it's all certainly been taken care of and corrected, not only by the Health Department but by the facility." What a callous, pompous comment! You Mr. Paul have no business being a corporate administrator of anything! What if it was your family member that this happened to? People, this should make us all afraid! What will it be like when we may be placed in a home and this abuse continues to escalate and no one listens or cares about what happens to us? This is an absolutely unacceptable way for our elderly to live!

verndaleJun. 5, 11 8:02 AM

Good article. Those young Albert Lea workers got off with an amazingly light sentence. What message does that send?

allhailfsmJun. 5, 11 8:25 AM

Privatization at its finest. GOP, Please give us more of this!

smellycat6sJun. 5, 1111:22 AM

My heart goes out these victims and their families who in all honesty were just trying to get the best possible care for their loved ones. We as a society need to ask why do we have individuals who think it's ok to abuse the vulnerable? This is particularly true for the Albert Lea perpetrators.

DufferHJun. 5, 1111:48 AM

allhailfsm: You obviously know nothing about this subject. Privatization has nothing to do with it. The majority of these institutions are nonprofits. The state/county could go along ways toward fixing these problems if they would deny Medicaid reimbursement to these homes with a bad track record. Your attempt to bring politics into this sad situation is disgusting.

jfmn714Jun. 5, 11 2:17 PM

When my mother-in-law was in a nursing home (that is now closed) in Minneapolis, I was there one day visiting her. I heard a horrible sound coming from the hallway, and when I went to check, the sound had come from a very old lady falling from a wheelchair that she was too frail to operate by herself. The sound I heard was the "mushy crack" of her skull on the concrete floor. The help got her up and stuck her back in her bed, left her there and were going to do nothing more. I went to the desk and told them that I was going to stand there until a doctor was called and the family notified. I should not have had to do that. In fact, she should not have been unattended in her wheelchair. This stuff goes on all of the time because in many cases, people that are hired are not equipped to work in this type of a job. Keep your loved ones out of nursing homes at all costs.

tokyosueJun. 6, 1112:45 AM

My God. When the time comes, just shoot me, don't put me in an elder "care" facility.

mayjay1Jun. 6, 11 3:54 AM

This article describes negative aspects of nursing home life and none of the positives. There are many caring and kind individuals working in our nursing homes, assisted livings and such but, seldom do we see those kinds of articles in the paper.there are many homes that self-report any issues that come up and do not wait for the state to come and find problems. Some of you that are so negative should go and volunteer at your local homes instead of sittingat your computer pointing fingers.

pimstpaulJun. 6, 1110:00 AM

DufferH --actually, a good number of these places are for profit. It's hard to be sympathetic to the budget plight of for-profit nursing homes when these providers are clearly bringing in (taxpayer-Medical Assistance) money for their shareholders. mayjay1--as you probably know, facilities are required by law to self-report abuse/neglect/unexplained injuries. And contrary to your statement, there are positive stories done by print and television news on nursing homes. Of course there are many kind individuals working in nursing homes. However, this article is valid, timely and something the public needs to know--in other words, "news."

whatsupheyJun. 8, 11 7:26 AM

Not only is this a tragic story, here is another place that liberals can go volunteer their time, money and effort to help the helpless.


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