Arden Hills stadium deal has a possible deadline

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: June 4, 2011 - 9:14 AM

Both Ramsey County and the Vikings could pull out after July 1 if Legislature doesn't approve project.

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Kathy_BrandtJun. 3, 1110:26 PM

Let'em GO. And guys, don't let the stadium doors hit you on the backside as you leave.

MellersJun. 3, 1110:26 PM

Ziggy pays for it himself, and voila, we have a stadium. End of story.

byegirlJun. 3, 1110:47 PM

I love watching these "done deals" unravel over & over.

snoebirdJun. 3, 1110:47 PM

A similar situation exists in Los Angeles, where there is a deadline of July 31 for Tim Leiweke to secure a memorandum of understanding from the city council. Here's what the normally upbeat Leiweke told the L.A. Times: “Can this city and these 15 council people figure out a way to get this project done? Huge question mark. This is not a city where a lot of new projects get done. These 15 folks sometimes don’t know how to get out of their own way. Can they kill this deal? Yes, they are very capable of killing this deal. The key to this entire vision is going to be a deal with the city.”

minnman55421Jun. 3, 1110:52 PM

Mr. Bennett: Kindly forget about it as most of Ramsey County's taxpayers do not want to be burdened by an i ncrease in their sales tax that does not represent their right to decide on it. Please give your 30 pieces of coin back to the Wilfs and Bagley and move on to other things. Mr. Ortega, you are in District 5 where many of your consituents cannot afford the luxury of any new taxes on their purchases. Represent their best interests and not yours. You also can return your 30 pieces of coin to the Wilfs and Bagley and work for your constiuents best interests. Legistlature: please remove the statute as an admendment in your special session to get rid of the countys having a right to tax us without proper representation. Thank you.

DufferHJun. 3, 1111:17 PM

Start the clock then. See ya' Wilf!

edeneliseJun. 3, 1111:24 PM

so in other words, its not going to happen. Wilf will never agree to cover any over-costs, he won't agree to cover any extra costs w/the mandatory clean-up of the site, etc. Wilf wants this done on the cheap, hence the first 41M in any savings being his. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad PR move..especially for someone who claims to need this new stadium. NFL makes BILLIONS every single season, they can more than afford to build their own stadiums. They are in court now arguing over Billions.

larrymeaseJun. 3, 1111:36 PM

wow! there's an escape hatch that acknowledges the voters' wishes! We can watch 'em play in LA! no biggee! ;-) and we'd never get a black out!

sharkysharkJun. 3, 1111:38 PM

Pull the plug on this now! Don't want it, don't need it, can't afford it.

scottzJun. 3, 1111:40 PM

The legislature wants a state owned stadium, the arden hill agreement puts taxdollars towards a Vikings owned stadium, is WILL NOT happen.


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