Questionable contractors target North Side after tornado

  • Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 6, 2011 - 5:27 PM

Officials warn residents: Do your homework, get a written estimate.

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killermebeMay. 29, 1110:53 PM

this is really a poor article. It was just slapped together. You looked into three contractors who left info in the neighborhood? What good does that do? Another C- for the Strib

rickradio11May. 29, 1111:12 PM

This is Minneapolis' first confrontation with "disaster capitalism." The North Side is the home of real estate that speculators have salivated over for decades. The tornado has opened the North side to the salivation of gentrification. Those residents who have been rendered homeless, or do not have the requisite renters insurance are GONE. Naomi Klein wrote the masterpiece, "The Shock Doctrine", which speaks directly to the future of the north side of Minneapolis. The residents of north Minneapolis will now seek another diaspora. . . I am sincerely, Rick Radio p.s. my friend Rob MacIntyre died as a result of the tornado. . .

slaghopperMay. 29, 1111:23 PM

How patronizing. Bet they wouldn't say this if the tornado hit Edina.

mnmonkeyboyMay. 29, 1111:40 PM

Scam the prro, scam the elderly...then fight higher taxes....

krugerscottMay. 30, 11 1:23 AM

This article misses the mark in several areas.(1)A contrractor is not allowed to meet with your insurance company.Minnesota is the fourth state to pass this law.Contractors may not meet the adjustor when they come out to asses damage and may not negotiate price.Only a person with an adjustors licence may meet with the insurance provider and represnt the owner.(2) If you have an adjustors licence you may not be associated with a construction company in any way. If you want to have a person who actually knows the insurance business you need to hire a public adjustor.The state is suppose to be cracking down on this.Construction companys have been warned not to put insurance specialist on their trucks or on liturature.Although most are just ignoring the new law.I am an adjustor and we call these guys storm rats they usally dont know mutch about insurance law and their main concern is to see how fast they can seperate the home owner from their insurance check.

danderson1966May. 30, 11 3:46 AM

I was following a Contractor down Penn Ave. last week. He had a large "BBB approved" decal on his tailgate, which said it expired in 2009, the same year his license plate tabs also expired. My experience on the road is, if there is a ladder on a vehicle and it's not a fire truck, beware.

sbuffalo45May. 30, 11 4:27 AM

Toured North Minneapolis, 5 blocks east and west of Penn Ave. Roofs off, windows broken, trees down, but buildings mostly intact. Lots of trees down. Did not see houses torn from their foundation like in Joplin, Mo. A lot of hard working people up there who deserve their property insurance checks, but I would stop short of calling it a disaster caused by global warming.

jeffportMay. 30, 11 4:50 AM

He said, she said stuff. Folks, get a contractor that actually owns some sort of office and has employees within it.

rwinn1592May. 30, 11 6:26 AM

The BBB is nothing short of a complete joke!!! They will never bite the hand that feeds them. This has been re-told over and over! Always, always get referenes and call them. I would never hire anyone who could not give me a minimum of three references for work in the value range of your project. Then ask for the names of their major suppliers and call one or two and ask about their payment history. Check public records if you can. Never pay more than 25% up front and only give progress payments if you agree the work is satisfactory and roughly completed to the level the contractor is asking for payment. I'm a contractor and this is how I customers appreciate it and it works for me.

hcm1957May. 30, 11 7:11 AM

This is all a joke. Our fine State regulates the construction industry. They are making money off all contractors no matter what offense they have committed.. Just look up Mn.Dept. of Labor and check it out your self. There are so many contractors doing illegal work out there and then the state catches them and fines them and they go back to work with or w/o a license. The BBB sucks just as bad. its all about the money. Maybe the State needs to to work with the people and help them figure out what contractor to use or not. They have there nose in everything else.


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