Maltreatment found at Minnesota child care centers

  • Article by: Jane Friedmann
  • Updated: May 31, 2011 - 10:14 AM
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newmieMay. 29, 11 7:27 AM

This is total garbage. These things are just accidents that could just as easily have happened at home. But this article wants to demonize people and call this "maltreatment". This is total nonsense.

bippy742May. 29, 11 7:55 AM

I don't know, newmie. We've known for years upon years not to feed whole grapes to children. It's pretty irresponsible to not already have had that policy in place. And it's a serious problem if children are able to leave the center without anybody noticing.

christinat5May. 29, 11 7:59 AM

These are all preventable! Accidents are a child falling down not off a changer or burning their hand! How does a child leave a center anyways! Most have doors that u have to enter a code to get in to and double doors to get out of!

mamazogMay. 29, 11 8:28 AM

The difference being that you are paying staff who present themselves as child-care experts to ensure your child's safety and well-being in your absence. Though my children are grown, reading about these incidents makes me cringe. Staff panicking and not following procedure possibly contributing to the death of a child choking on a piece of food which shouldn't have been offered in the first place? Can't brush that off.

vikings53May. 29, 11 8:30 AM

there will be more stories like this now that republicans want to cut spending. the intention is to scare the public into wanting more government regulation and spending. it is so predictable.

kalvigMay. 29, 11 9:05 AM

The truth is, many childcare workers are not trained as professionals, or are in it for a job and not there for the children. Parents want someone who really likes children and who cares for children as if they were their own watching their kids. These instances are all examples of negligence. I would not want any of these awful things happening to my children. We have alot to learn in early childhood care---check out Scandanavian and Asian cultures for example. These countries have been around longer than us and seem to take better care of their own than we do. I am so sorry for the injured children in this article. These kids deserved better.

irishmom58May. 29, 11 9:07 AM

I can't understand how anyone could discard this report or politicize it. Government spending has nothing to do with this. This is frightening to read - this data should be public if not already - for all child care centers and released monthly so parents and guardians can be empowered with knowledge when choosing childcare options for their children.

mareseatoatsMay. 29, 11 9:49 AM

vikings57......wOw. seek help. this has nothing to do with politics.

waywaysMay. 29, 1110:23 AM

Why was the 5 year old at the day care center by the college where the parent works if the PARENT was at HOME that day. Geez people, these are YOUR kids, take care of them. How often do you see an animal pawn their children off on another animal?

waywaysMay. 29, 1110:28 AM

Now, for a side by side comparison, how many similar or worse incidences occured while children were with their parents? Not defending these daycares, just pointing out that things happen to kids no matter who is watching them. The mashed potato incident should never have happened and the grape incident could have been prevented.


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